As we turn the page on another year and look forward to what lies ahead for 2018, many of us are most likely setting goals and making resolutions. These goals and resolutions will help us to stay focused on what is ultimately most important to us, whether that be in our personal or professional lives. From learning a new skill to focusing on a past one that may have been forgotten, a resolution is truly what you make of it. With enough dedication and focus, its amazing how quickly a resolution can become a newfound habit or something you can check off the list.

In 2017, the RV industry experienced double-digit growth in shipments of new RVs. This extreme growth was fueled by new customers embracing the RV lifestyle we all know and love. These new RVers include a large number of millennials who are opting to spend more time in the great outdoors. A number of these new customers are purchasing smaller towable units for their outdoor adventures and first experiences with the RV lifestyle. Introducing customers to the RV lifestyle earlier bodes well for the industry, since over time many RV customers will likely make multiple purchases as their lifestyle and needs change. As their families grow and friends and family begin joining them on trips, they may opt to trade up for a larger RV. As this same customer ages and looks to retire, the RV lifestyle continues to be attractive as they have more time and flexibility to travel across the country. This is a cycle Im sure a number of you are familiar with!

With the growing RV industry in mind, we can begin to set our own 2018 resolutions. As we look at our RV resorts and campgrounds across the country, our goal is to continue to meet the needs of both new and long-term customers. Our teams are dedicated to evolving with the changing RV lifestyle, meeting the needs and requests of our members and customers. In the spirit of making resolutions, were resolving to keep a pulse on RV travel trends and adapting appropriately. From adding unique accommodation options to ramping up our activity calendars, were resolving to follow the outdoor travel trends and we'll meet you there.

I hope one of your resolutions involves spending more time with us and making the most of your Thousand Trails experiences. The time is now to check off the trip youve been meaning to take, or to plan that family reunion.

The secret to succeeding in these resolutions is simply getting started.

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO