2017-2018 Club Calendar

Bounders United (BUTTN)

If you are interested in attending please contact wagonmaster Yvonne Codde at (209) 207-8184. BUTTN are members who own or have ownded a Bounder motorhome and belong to the Bounders United and Thousand Trails NACO.

TT SINGLES Central California

Contact Jane Davis at (209) 986-1088 or email to janedjd@pacbell.netor Judy Rogers at (775) 772-1872 or email fifthwheeler61@yahoo.com.

TT Travelers Southern California

Jan. 8-10 - Pio Pico, CA
Feb. 5-7 - Wilderness Lakes, CA
Mar. 5-7 - Soledad Canyon, CA
Apr. 9-11 - Palm Springs, CA

We normally meet the first Mon, Tues, and Weds mornings of each month for coffee and those evenings for potluck and games. For more information, please contact our wagonmaster, Jim Brooks (805) 320-2588 or email at willys46@sbcglobal.net


We also have new contact people and email, phone numbers:
WagonMaster Daphne Bailey (Oregon) (503) 590-8566, daphnebailey07@comcast.net.
Secretary Dottie Michel (Washington) (360) 941-3126, ttnw_sec@yahoo.com.

Lewis and Clark TTN

Apr. 16-20 - Seaside, OR
May 14-18 - Crescent Bar, WA
Jun. 11-15 - South Jetty, OR
Jul. 16-20 - Paradise, WA
Aug. 13-17 - Chehalis, WA

Roger Beausoleil: President Lewis and Clark TTN chapter of FMCA. Contact person, Roger Beausoleil (503) 390-4753 or rogerabeau@msn.com

TTN So Cal Weekenders

Feb. 2-4 - Wilderness Lakes, CA
Mar. 2-4 - Palm Springs, CA
Apr. 6-8 - Soledad Canyon, CA
May 4-6 - Oakzanita Springs, CA
Jun. 1-3 - Pio Pico, CA
Aug. 3-5 - Idyllwild, CA
Sep. 7-9 - Pio Pico, CA
Oct. 5-7 - Oakzanita Springs, CA
Nov. 2-4 - Wilderness Lakes, CA
Dec. 7-9 - Palm Springs, CA

We are a group of TTN members who meet once a month at Southern California preserves. All ages welcome; we have both working and retired members. No dues, just fellowship.
Email: ttnweekenders@earthlink.net.


Nov. 9-12 - Ponderosa, CA

Members of Thousand Trails and FMCA meet at Northern California Preserves bimonthly. Contact Manny Francis at (415) 606-7596 or email to mannyfrancis@live.com. Reservations are required two weeks in advance.

TT of Texas/FMCA

Nov. 17-19 - Medina Lake, TX
Jan. 5-7 - Lake Conroe, TX
Feb. 11-24 - Tropic Winds, TX
Mar. 2-4 - Colorado River, TX
May 4-6 - Lake Texoma, TX
Sep. 7-9 - Lake Whitney, TX
Nov. 9-11 - Medina Lake, TX

New members must be a member of TTN and FMCA. Contact Connie Farrar at (817) 454-4612 or email to ttnfmcachapter@gmail.com. Our website is: ttnoftexasfmca.com. We also have a blog site: www.ttfmcaralliesandmore.blogspot.com.

Rolling Thunder of Texoma

We meet twice a year in the north Texas area. For more information call Dianna Huff at (405) 641-8226 or visit rollingthunderfmca.com.