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The month of September typically signifies a time for us to return to a routine. Students and teachers have returned to the classroom, summer hours have ended, and bedtime schedules arrive a bit earlier each night. Though the word “routine” may cause stress to some, many believe there are benefits to establishing a good daily schedule. A daily routine helps to provide structure, making us more efficient and freeing up time. Whether you are working on a project for school, work, or simply around the house, establishing and scheduling time accordingly will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. For those who workout, a daily routine provides us with the necessary momentum to enable us to complete our workout as scheduled (and earn that extra s’more). After the hustle and bustle of a heavily scheduled year, we always look forward to slowing our pace down, staying up late, and enjoying those long summer nights. But with fall in the air and our favorite fall sports right around the corner, as well as that much anticipated fall road trip, returning to a routine really isn’t that bad, especially when it involves a bit of fun. What better way to establish a routine for the remainder of the year than making sure to schedule in some time for fun and the great outdoors? A key part of establishing a routine is checking off that to do list to make sure you still spend time doing what you love. Without time for friends, family, hobbies, and activities, a routine can become stale. With a few months left of 2017, there’s still plenty of time to make scheduling some “me time” (ie: camping time) a priority. Take a look at some of the areas of the country you’re hoping to visit and make a long weekend of it. Are you fulltiming and able to explore a bit more? Hit the road and take advantage of that freedom. As you organize yourself in September, prioritize nature, the great outdoors, and family and friend time as a part of your routine. It will make the year that much more fun and the thought of a routine even more rewarding!

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO