With summer in full swing, I am sure you and your friends are exchanging pictures and stories from your summer vacations. Whether that exchange be through sharing photos on your favorite social media channels (hopefully with our #100DaysofCamping towel!) or sharing actual printed photographs over lunch, a simple photo captures a memory that will be shared and cherished for many years to come.

I was speaking with a member of our team who recently returned from a trip and she found herself in awe throughout the entire course of her vacation. Each stop along the way exceeded her expectations in its own unique way. Every destination prompted her to snap just a few more images to capture the moment and etch it in time. It was certainly a summer vacation that will be shared in conversations and photo shares for many years to come, and Iím sure her pictures inspired a few others to travel sooner rather than later.

As we were talking, I immediately began sharing some of my favorite Thousand Trails destinations across the country. There are a number of awe-inspiring destinations so many of us have had the pleasure of visiting but perhaps many new to Thousand Trails are unaware of these hidden gems. Consider this travel inspiration as you begin planning your next photo worthy vacation.

One that comes to mind is lookout point at Leavenworth. The miles of walking trails throughout this campground will lead you to a spectacular view, leaving you feeling like youíre on top of the world. Or, spend some time boating and whiling away the day on the 120-acre lake at Lake of the Springs, surrounded by tall pines and beautiful water. Verde Valley sits just a few steps from an award winning vineyard, where you can sip favorites, take in the views, and watch for bald eagles flying overhead. And, Iíd be remiss if I didnít mention the history surrounding Chesapeake Bay. From Yorktown to the Jamestown Settlement, these significant moments in history are sure to create memories for you and your family.

Explore, discover, and donít hesitate to take a new trail Ė you never know what youíll find. It might just be the key to a newly framed photo or story youíll share for years to come. Hereís hoping youíre able to slow down and capture the image that will remind you of a memorable moment for years to come.

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO