Our #100DaysofCamping promotion is in full swing and, based on the photos we have been receiving, summer fun is being had by all. I am always amazed with the range of images we receive, from the youngest of campers, just six-days-old, to some of our more seasoned campers, all enjoying time at their favorite Thousand Trails destination.

The peak summer travel season is upon us and we find ourselves inundated with summer vacation recommendations. Whether those are coming from family and friends, or features in top travel publications, we are all interested in learning more about what makes certain vacation destinations stand out above the rest. Many of todayís top summer vacation destinations are selected based on overall value and location.

The resurgence we are witnessing in the RV industry can also be attributed to these key factors. Many are discovering the versatility that owning or even renting an RV provides. And, itís not just families and retirees who are jumping on the RV bandwagon. Millennials are also contributing to the overall growth in RV sales. Many are recognizing the freedom and flexibility the RV lifestyle provides, which is why so many of us love it.

You will also discover these characteristics in the myriad of products Thousand Trails offers our customers. Our properties are in areas of the country that are consistently featured in todayís top travel guides. From the rocky coastline of Maine to the Pacific Northwest, our properties are in areas where people want to vacation. When considering a location that the whole family will enjoy you may debate over location, ranging from popular beach towns, national parks, mountain adventures, picturesque rocky coastlines, or amusement parks.

I do realize that families today have many options to explore the flexibility that camping provides, which is an attribute that can not be overlooked when considering that next vacation stop. I appreciate that so many of you have chosen to spend the #100DaysofCamping with us, from coast to coast. Iím looking forward to seeing how you are taking advantage of the summer days.

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO