A milestone event typically involves a significant change that opens a door to the next stage in our lives. These milestone events may include graduations, weddings, the start of a family, a first home, or perhaps retirement. Each of these events comes with a sense of uncertainty and anticipation of what lies ahead.

For many, choosing to travel across the country in an RV represented a milestone event. This change in lifestyle most likely involved downsizing, bidding a temporary goodbye to family and friends, and significant research and planning. All of which brought on a sense of uncertainty and anticipation of what the future brings.

Perhaps you have a desire to try the RV lifestyle before you decide to purchase that first unit. There is no better way to get a sense of the lifestyle firsthand than to rent an RV for yourself and make plans to visit a favorite destination. Although renting that first RV can be intimidating, given the proper guidance, you will embark on a new adventure that is sure to provide you with a sense of freedom and discovery as you travel and explore.

At Thousand Trails, we continue to provide customers new options to explore the outdoors and experience our locations across the country. In doing so, we help many reach milestones big and small, whether we’re welcoming that newly retired RVer or someone choosing to go full time in their RV, that first time camping family or someone who has been yearning to take a unique vacation and decides to stay with us in a yurt or tiny house. Our teams are ready to help you discover something new. We would be happy to open that door to the exciting next stage in your life.

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO