Portland Fairview RV Resort OR

For many of us, the season of spring signifies a time of transformation. Days are longer, temperatures are rising, buds are blooming and everything around us is coming to life.

Although spring arrives in full bloom at different times across the country, it brings with it a sense of renewal, a new beginning. You have to admit we all seem to have renewed energy and excitement about new beginnings. Maybe its because we know the official summer camping season is upon us.

Our property teams share this same excitement. Many have been busy during the off-season, weather permitting of course, making updates and improvements to the campgrounds. For example, were working on a new Tiny House Village at our Leavenworth campground with five feet of snow on the ground. And, we have just recently added two new tiny house units, affectionately known as Finn and Rose, to our rental accommodations at Verde Valley.

I do want to take this time to recognize the efforts of our employees who consistently provide support to our members and guests. I read many comments and surveys from our customers acknowledging the efforts of our teams across the country. I appreciate your input and I encourage each of you to continue to share your feedback so that we can work together to improve our operations.

So, now that spring is officially in the air, I encourage each of you to plan your next camping adventure at a favorite Thousand Trails campground near you! Check out what weve been up to in the off season and trust us, were just as excited to get out and camp as you are!

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO