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On Location

Wings Over Water Festival


Wings Over Water Festival - October 20th-25th

Gather up your cameras and your binoculars! This October, snag tickets to one of the most fascinating bird-watching events of the year – the Wings Over Water Festival. This festival, which takes place over five days (Oct 20-25) in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is a chance to see the migration of over 400 species of birds and waterfowl pass through the Atlantic Flyway. The festival offers all kinds of events – from birdwatching to bird photography courses; kayak tours and keynote speakers. Plus, the organizers have added an “encore weekend” in December (Dec 4-7) so attendees have a higher possibility of catching more flocks of migratory birds. The Wings Over Water festival is also a fundraiser for the Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society, a nonprofit that exists to support the National Wildlife Refuges via grants and helps to maintain wildlife refuges by providing volunteers and staff essential to the operation of the regional National Wildlife Refuge visitor centers.

Make sure to visit them online at wingsoverwater.org to book tickets and reservations and remember to book your stay at Lake Gaston RV & Camping Resort or Twin Lakes RV & Camping Resort, both located about 3 hours of the Outer Banks!

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