Recently, a contingent from our corporate office had the opportunity to not only visit and stay at a few of our Oregon properties, but also to work side by side with our on site teams. Encouraging team members from marketing, operations or sales to step into key roles at our properties provides a better understanding of what's working or can bring to light areas that may require some improvement. As you can imagine, this visit created a buzz at the properties, not only from our members/guests, but from our on site teams as well.

I can definitely say, these employees returned with a better understanding of what it takes to operate our properties on a daily basis. How we approach the day-to-day responsibilities ultimately determines how satisfied our customers are with our operations.

In addition to the time spent with our on site teams, the time spent speaking directly with our customers provided valuable insight into our customers’ satisfaction. A common theme witnessed by the team was the camaraderie that exists among our customers and employees alike. The stories told by so many of you who have visited numerous properties and the tips offered for areas of improvement have all been well received.

As you visit our properties over the next month or two I would ask each of you to request one of our TripAdvisor cards and be sure to go online and give your favorite property employees a shout out for the services they provided; chances are they do not hear it enough.

Thanks to All and Happy Camping –

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO