We are definitely embracing the sharing concept these days. Whether that is in the form of sharing a ride, a vacation home, a workspace, or even an RV, many of us are more than willing to explore this path as a means to fulfill a need. Reviewing the various services, it is apparent that there is a need and desire for all of us to travel and explore new destinations. The vacation destinations we desire most more than likely feature numerous accommodations and price points to meet your needs.

From the more rustic cabin or a unique riverside yurt, to a high end vacation home, no matter what you are looking for in the world of travel you are most likely to find something that suits your needs, and you may find something even more unique if you’re willing to share!

So many of us take advantage of our membership in Thousand Trails to travel across the country and explore new destinations. You are able to share memories and conversations with those who have a similar interest in the great outdoors.

This again became more evident when I began seeing all the photos that have been submitted through our #100DaysofCamping campaign. From kids, to grandparents, to our favorite pets donning our Thousand Trails rally towels, what a great way to see how all of you are making memories with Thousand Trails and sharing them with all of us. There are many shared experiences here, from Florida all the way up to northern Washington, and we love seeing each and every one.

So, although Thousand Trails did not invent this new “sharing” concept we are witnessing today, we do provide destinations throughout the country that have been enjoyed by generations of families. Is it safe to say we were ahead of the curve some 45+ years ago?

I encourage you to continue sharing all of your #100DaysofCamping photos. We have highlighted some on pages 32 - 35 of this month’s magazine.

Enjoy your summer and GetOutandCamp!

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO