By now I am sure many of you have viewed or listened to our new Thousand Trails Anthem. For those of you yearning to sing along all summer, I am sharing the lyrics to our song below. For those who have not yet seen the video or heard the song, please visit our website at I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face!

A thousand trails.
A thousand sunsets.
A thousand steps up to that summit.
A thousand things you haven’t done yet.
Just waiting on you to get out the door.
A thousand fish you could be hookin’.
A thousand s’mores you could be cookin’.
Forget those chores. You should be bookin’
down the road because it’s time you found
what you’ve been lookin’ for.
In the sun of the Florida Keys, up in those
Oregon pine trees, under the stars in that
Sonoran Desert sky. Zip line the California
coast. Spearfish the Gulf of Mexico. Soak in
a hot tub sippin’ cold ones every night.

And if the folks back home get jealous,
just tell ‘em, “Hey, we’re sorry fellas!”
You’re welcome to come out and see us.
You’ll find us somewhere pretty close
to paradise.
Down with the RVs, warm breeze, jeans
with ripped knees, flip flops, horse clops,
good times non stop, yurts and cabins,
covered wagons, if you need me I’ll be
in the back road trippin’est, burger flippin’est,
swim suit drippin’est, Hey Mom look at this,
place the good Lord’s ever let me see.
A Thousand Trails for you. A Thousand Trails for me.
A Thousand Trails for you. A Thousand Trails for me

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO