As we ring in the new year, a number of us will begin the year with a resolution or two.

Whether it be to lead a healthier lifestyle through exercise and diet, spend more time with family and friends, or simply set aside more time to volunteer, these resolutions represent what we believe to be important aspects of our lives and overall happiness.

As I thought about each of these I immediately drew a connection with the lifestyle we have offered so many for over 45 years – a lifestyle that promotes spending time with family and friends, disconnecting to enjoy the great outdoors, and always being willing to help a fellow camper in need.

It has been reported that simply being outdoors has beneficial effects not only on our health but our overall mental well-being. I am sure a number of you have seen the latest statistics on how today’s kids are spending too much time indoors. This shift in how and where our children play has triggered a number of promotional campaigns emphasizing the benefits of outdoor time. A very simple fact that, I have to admit, we as Thousand Trails members, both young and old, have known right along.

Why not resolve to focus on your well-being in 2015? Take the time to make enjoying the outdoors and the camping lifestyle a true habit, not just a hobby. It takes repetition and discipline to form a habit, but knowing the health benefits, how great would it be to develop a habit that allows you to do more of what you love and also reap the health benefits? It sounds like a win win to me.

In fact, let’s not wait to start our New Year’s resolutions. As we embrace the challenges of a new year I challenge each of you to fulfill your resolutions simply by visiting a Thousand Trails location or two. Jump start 2015 by starting the planning process. Research vacation destinations, coordinate plans with family and friends, get those reservations in, and begin the countdown.

To encourage each of you to Get Out and Camp, my message will feature a different photo of a Thousand Trails location provided by our members and guests. I look forward to keeping up with your resolutions. Resolve to enjoy the outdoors and Get Out and Camp!

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO