In this issue, we share with you just a few of the photos and comments from our 45 Year Anniversary Celebration held in July (see pages 22 and 23.) Looking over these, its obvious that we have done more than just create 45 years of Camping Memories. We have created a family, a sense of community, and a way of life.

One comment that struck me was the member who said they are looking forward to the next 45 years! So, looking forward, how do we continue with the magic that has been a big component of the experiences our members have had over the past 45 years? And, how do we inspire newer members to embrace the camping life, creating camaraderie and long-lasting memories?

Lets look 4-word. I use that term, 4-word, for a specific reason. We are asking you to let us know what inspires and motivates you using just four words. In other words, if today was the first day of the rest of your life, what would be your 4-word motto as you move forward into the future?

We had some fun with this and have shared our photos to the right. Of course, Get Out and Camp, is one direction we want to take. And, Live Your Best Life is always good advice. Some would think the two phrases go hand in hand. To live your best life youve got to be doing something you enjoy, with people you enjoy. Why not make it camping with your Thousand Trails friends and family?

We also reached out to our Facebook fans and thought wed share what they had to say:
Escape • Engage • Enjoy • Enter
Live • Each • Moment • Fully
Surf • Hike • Climb • Adventure
On • the • Road • Again
Home • Away • From • Home

What motivates you? Let us know by sending your 4-Word pictures to us. You can mail them to Thousand Trails 4-Words, Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60606; or send them via email to

Were looking for the ones that are going to inspire all of us. Well definitely share them and well put them to a vote who knows, you just may see your 4-Words pop up on TT Gear.

We are looking forward to seeing what youve got.

In the meantime, Ill share mine: Consider • Others • More • Often!