Time flies when you’re having fun. Let’s think about that saying for a minute. Did time seem like it was flying this past winter when most of the country was experiencing record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfall? Probably not, but doesn’t it seem like just yesterday you were pulling out the camping gear getting ready for another summer season of fun?

The facts are the facts – the passage of time is the same regardless of the season or your state of mind. So, I am telling you now to “make hay while the sun shines!” Old Man Winter will be here before you know it.

The calendar may say August but there is still plenty of time left to enjoy camping adventures before the weather in most of the US has you considering making the trip to our always warm and sunny locations like Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas.

The Midwest, Northeast, and Northwest are in the full swing of summer, hosting the events that make them so desirable, like lobstering in Maine, blueberry harvesting in the heartland and, of course, the old summer staple: state and county fairs.

Sure, we provide year-round camping, but there’s something about summer and the freedom in our schedules that make this time of year the best of the best when it comes to family camping.

If you haven’t taken your big summer trip yet, consider following the route outlined in our feature story on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Lucky for you, Thousand Trails offers locations from the northern coast of Washington right on down to sunny San Diego. This drive is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

Another feature in this issue is on artists’ colonies. A very interesting article, but what I like is that these colonies sprung up around the United States as people sought out others with like-minded interests. Sounds a bit like the original concept Milt Kuolt had when he looked to create a place for “fun-seeking, outdoors-loving families.” People with similar interests looking to spend time together – I guess that makes us a “colony” of sorts!

We hope you enjoyed our celebration this past July. We will continue to celebrate 45 Years of Making Camping Memories right on through December, so continue to watch TrailBlazer, our newsletters, and our Facebook page for more fun ways to mark this milestone.

In short, my message here is a simple one. Camping is a lifestyle and the true camper knows no seasons --- but there’s something about summer that makes the camping experience that much better. So, let’s celebrate and make more memories before our camping gear includes more “weather-required” equipment!

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO