We've been spending this year celebrating 45 years of making camping memories and all of that has been leading up to the biggest day of the celebration: Saturday, July 19. That's when the preserve-wide party happens. Every preserve will mark this milestone in their own way and whether the party be big or small, it's definitely going to be fun. Please join us for the festivities!

Fun aside, there's more to the celebration than the parties and contests. There is the underlying message that this concept, developed and nurtured by Milt and Lois Kuolt, was definitely something people were looking for. And that something has endured for four decades.

Here we are 45 years later and what we have to show for it all is generations of families enjoying the outdoors, spending precious time together and making memories. The years have rolled by and things have changed but there is that thread that continues to weave itself into the Thousand Trails story. The thread contains pieces of you and your family, of their family and of the families to come. It is strong and long and colorful. It's got pieces of your camping stories and pieces of all the Thousand Trails preserves where you spent time together. It's a common bond that holds us all together as the Thousand Trails family.

What stories can you share with us? Is it one about three generations on an annual camping trip to Chehalis? Does it have a picture of Grandpa smiling at his great-grandson as he reels in his first fish? Does it come in the form of a recipe that's been handed down from family to family?

Or maybe in the tried and true, generations-old tip on making the best s'mores ever?

As we celebrate 45 years and look to the future for plenty more milestones like this one, we want to know how far back your memories go. You know our story now we want to know yours. Send them to us at TrailBlazer Magazine/45 Years of Memories, Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60606, or email to We'll compile them all in a future issue so your stories can be shared with your Thousand Trails family.

Summer is here, so come celebrate with us and make more memories!

Marguerite Nader
President & CEO