We are very excited about a few new initiatives in the works including the revamp of our Walk the Trails program as well as another initiative being labeled "1,500 Events of Summer." To better speak to these new programs, I am turning the reins for this month’s column over to Dan Perlis, our Regional Vice President. ~ Marguerite

Let me start off by providing a bit of detail on the thoughts behind our new initiatives. Our goal is to create value, provide an excellent member experience and to provide lasting memories for our members and our guests. On a less formal basis, we’re simply turning up the fun!

1,500 Events of Summer! Yes, that’s our plan for the summer of 2014, and here’s how it is unfolding.

As a 35-year member, Peggy Boone knows something about what the Thousand Trails experience should be. Her own camping experiences have become multi-generational as both her parents and children love the TT lifestyle. Peggy believes what we offer at Thousand Trails should be an all-encompassing experience that rivals the fun and excitement of popular theme parks.

To that end, she has enlisted the help of staff throughout Thousand Trails who serve as Area Recreation Coordinators. These energetic, recreation enthusiasts assist in identifying activities we enjoy as campers and ensure that each preserve provides a wide variety of events, from sports and social activities, to arts and crafts, as well as educational and historical experiences and live entertainment.

The Coordinators work with the individual preserves to develop the events you’ll be enjoying throughout the summer. Last month, all subscribers received the Theme Weekend Directory and from the looks of that hefty book, we are on target to provide plenty of fun this season and beyond. The opportunity to make those memories exists at every preserve.

When you come to Thousand Trails, we want you to truly relax and disconnect - the experience should be less about electronics and more about family. We want to promote family togetherness!

Another new initiative is the revitalization of our Walk the Trails program. To read more detail about this program, check out the Spotlight feature in this issue on page 20. This program has been around for quite some time but we thought we’d reintroduce it to you and make a few tweaks that will get you excited to hit the trails. Those include the mileage cards to track your progress and the great pins (pictured on page 21) that you will receive with each mileage milestone you reach in the program.

Club Blazer, our signature activity program for children, is also back! See page 48 for highlights on this popular educational and fun-filled addition to our recreation lineup.

These are just a few of the exciting new programs that we’ve put in place to guarantee that your experience at a Thousand Trails campground will not only be one you remember for years to come, but one that you’ll want to repeat again and again!

Come join us this season as we celebrate 45 years of making camping memories and ramp up for a lifetime of many more!

Dan Perlis
Regional Vice President