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Why are STRONGBACK Chairs the best camping chair? All STRONGBACK Chairs are made for comfort, health, and quality. Whether you are watching the kids play sports, enjoying a festival, tailgating, or simply communing with nature, STRONGBACK Chairs will finally allow you to enjoy your outdoor experience in long-lasting ergonomic seated comfort.

No more squirming around in your chair, standing around, sitting on the ground, or waking up with a sore back the next morning after using standard travel chairs. The STRONGBACK Chair provides the best back support and comfort available in a travel chair - we guarantee it or your money back.

Check out www.strongbackchair.com and find out which chair is best for you!
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Musty odors can accumulate when recreational vehicles are closed up. The MaxxFan Standard model ventilation fans from MaxxAir Ventilation Solutions, with reversible fan option, efficiently draw in fresh air and also remove hot, stale air. MaxxFan Standard fans are available in remote control or manual lid opening models. Sturdy and durable twin lid-lifting arms ensure smooth and safe operation with no lid fluttering during high winds or when the RV is traveling. An easy-to-clean ceiling keypad lets users choose any one of 10 fan speeds, as well as control thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions.

Contact MaxxAir at 316-832-3400 or www.maxxair.com