We recently asked our Facebook fans to finish this sentence "The most fun part of a camping trip is..."

Reading through the responses I see many common themes: family, friends, nature, disconnecting from everyday life. We had some great responses but the ones listed below really echo those themes.

"Watching the faces of my grandchildren"
"Meeting all sorts of people"
"Being away from the world"
"Air, stars and s'mores with family"

And isn't this what it is really all about? The lifestyle we offer provides everyone with something they're looking for. Nothing to do or everything to do!

Along the lines of common themes, our new feature this year, I Knew I Was a TrailBlazer, focuses on member stories. We wanted to know how they got involved with the lifestyle, and most importantly, when they realized this was going to be a lifelong habit. No surprise, the people we've featured so far this year again appear to have a common focus. They all share a similar passion for adventure and the great outdoors, a sense of family and a willingness to develop new friendships and see and try new things. When did you know you were a TrailBlazer?

We look to TrailBlazer as a means of communication, an opportunity to share our member experiences with everyone, but as I scan our social media outlets, I am amazed by the number of channels our members use to share their experiences with each other and with us. Our goal has always been to keep the lines of communication open and to experience your experiences through your stories and pictures. Thanks to all the social media out there, including our recently launched Instragram accounts, for doing a wonderful job of keeping us all connected. Of course, the real thanks goes to the users who want to not only share what they are doing, but also look to this ever-expanding social group as a resource to help make every camping adventure the best it can be.

So as you prepare for the spectacular colors of fall with your family or friends or begin planning a snowbird trip south for the winter, continue to share your stories, adventures and of course all your photos with us and your fellow campers. It is great to see so many enjoying this lifestyle we offer, no matter the season!

See you soon,

Marguerite Nader
President and CEO