People make all the difference. You've heard it thousands of times and I am sure you can recount experiences where the people you encountered in a situation made a difference.

We like to think that with your camping experiences, that rings true as well. Sometimes it's the friendly neighbor at your campsite who has just the right tool you need for that surprise RV project, or perhaps their camper kitchen has the spice you forgot back home that makes your camp meal just right. Often times, it's more than the helpfulness but also the camaraderie. We like to say that camping is better with friends – in essence, the people you are with make all the difference. I am sure you can recall many campfire stories that bring a smile to your face.

The one common activity that brings everyone together at our locations throughout the season is the love of camping. Being able to share this activity with friends and family is why we think our Referral program works so well.

We'd like to give you a glimpse of two of our Referral Winners:

Meet Polly Buenger, a Second Prize Winner of our Referral promotion. As the second prize winner she had her choice of four nights in Las Vegas, San Francisco or Orlando. Polly chose Orlando because her bucket list included attending the Houston Astros Spring Training Camp in Florida.

"Winning this trip enabled me to attend Spring Training in style,” Polly wrote in a letter to us. What made "the trip of a lifetime” even better was her traveling companion of choice, her friend, and long time TT member, Reta Angell. They had a ball, and all because, as Polly wrote "we shared our experiences and referred friends who became members.”

Then, there's the story of Joe Cannon and his wife Rita. Joe was the Grand Prize Winner of the Referral promotion and he and Rita enjoyed a Caribbean cruise. What a trip they had, and again, people made the difference. A courteous crew, great traveling companions and more turned the simple act of referring a friend into a "boatload” of rewards for the Cannons.

So, as you're traveling this summer and you're thinking how much someone you know would enjoy the experience you're having – remember to refer a friend. People do make all the difference.

Our Summer Road Trip this month gives a nod to a list of places that make America America! From locations of historic note to those that are truly unique to the US, we found some pretty interesting places across the country for you to visit during the month that we celebrate our Independence.

Plus, camping season is in full swing so we hope you are making the most of summer and of course, bringing along a friend or two to make the camping experience even better.

See you soon,

Marguerite Nader
President and CEO