I am excited to say that we got what we asked for! In our last issue, we asked you to tell us what you like and don’t like about TrailBlazer. We asked you to let us know what you want to see more of and also what you could do with a little less of. The letters are coming in and our plan is to not only individually reply to your letters but to also share with all of our readers what you had to say as well as our plans to address your comments. We really appreciate the feedback, so please keep the letters coming.

Speaking of appreciation, I am also excited about the member “Appreciation” events that were recently held at a few of our California preserves and also about those that are planned over the next several months throughout our preserves. This past March we held events at three California preserves that were designed to welcome new members, provide them with an orientation of the property, highlight how they can get the most mileage out of their memberships and answer some of the most common FAQs. We’ll use the feedback we received to make the upcoming events even more comprehensive and beneficial to our members. Our Activities and Events section in this issue contains a special message about upcoming events in May!

This issue we kick off a road trip series that will take us through the summer. The plan is to highlight the variety our country has to offer. This month, we’re all about BBQ which we think is great timing since the weather is perfect for outdoor grilling. So, hit the road with us as we explore BBQ cross-country, including some of the best places for barbeque right near our preserves.

We would like to introduce you to Louisa and Clark who we hope will travel with you on the road this summer. See page 66 of this issue to learn more about these two. Please take a picture with them at the campgrounds you visit and send your photos in to us. We’d like to see where you travelled, what you enjoyed and what Louisa and Clark were up to!

Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer thanks to the long weekend during which we celebrate and remember our Armed Forces. Our preserves have lots of events planned, including parades, pool opening celebrations and events to celebrate our heroes. So get out there and enjoy all there is to offer, cross-country and at your favorite campground.

Hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to seeing where your road trip took you and Louisa and Clark.

See you soon,

Marguerite Nader
President and CEO