Spring is here! The highlighted picture, of Washington's Skagit Valley, reminds me that everything is blooming!

I like to use the start of any new season as a marker to take a look back and take stock. Whatever measurement you choose to define the time be it the end of a month or the end of a season, it's an opportunity to see what's been accomplished to date and what's needed for the next round. Spring is also a time of renewal things bloom, hibernation, for both people and animals, comes to an end. So, we clean house, retool and prepare for what comes next.

To that end, I'd like to suggest that you let us know your thoughts on how we're doing. We hear from you on Facebook and we hear from you through our Customer Service outlets, but we don't really hear from you about TrailBlazer. What do you like about the magazine? Have you planned travels based on our feature stories? Was RV Bill helpful in troubleshooting an issue you might have had? Are you following Global Noble's epic trek? Is there a recipe we've featured in our cooking column that has now become a campfire staple?

What else can we do in TrailBlazer that might enhance your outdoor lifestyle experience? So, please send us your thoughts so we can take stock of how we're doing in providing you relevant content that meets your travel reading needs. Send your letters* direct to us at TrailBlazer Magazine, Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 800, Chicago, Illinois 60606 or send an email to

We've been trying to mix it up a bit in our camp kitchen and this month we're introducing recipes for cooking with traditional smokers. And, if you're an avid reader or movie-goer, you'll enjoy our travel feature about the North Carolina Coast, an area made popular by the novels, as well as the movies based on the novels, by writer Nicholas Sparks. We've even provided a glimpse into Mr. Sparks' thoughts on writing about all things North Carolina.

The spring season is the pregame of sorts to the biggest season of the outdoor lifestyle summer. Our seasonal resorts are beginning to bloom. Spring cleaning, a perfect tie-in to Earth Day, is in earnest as they prepare the grounds and facilities for you. Winter projects are completed and the doors are open we're waiting for you.

See you soon,

Marguerite Nader
President and CEO