Marguerite Nader - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

Hello! In the last issue of TrailBlazer it was noted that this issue of TrailBlazer would provide readers the chance to get to know a bit about me. As Tom mentioned in his last communiqué with you, I do share the philosophy and the passion for the opportunities and product options we provide to our customers.

I thought it might be a good start if I explained a bit about my history with ELS and also shared my views and thoughts about the lifestyle we provide as well as the business of providing that lifestyle.

I have been with ELS for 20 years and have been in several roles including: acquisitions, asset management, sales and marketing and new business development. Each one of those roles has provided me the opportunity to see, up close, the different facets that make our company so successful. I have been able to get to know our customers and the unique characteristics of our individual properties. Those relationships and that insight have given me the ability to see our world, the ELS world, from two perspectives: the customer's and as a business.

In my office I am lucky to have two fabulous vistas. From my window, I see the bustling city and on my wall, I have a fabulous montage of our preserve photos, as displayed above, taken by our members. As I look at the pictures, I am always impressed by the obvious pride that each member photographer has in our preserves.

The view of the city offers that glimpse into the crazy day to day life we all live in our "real" world, where the task at hand is business. The view of the preserve photos reminds me of how you see our world and also that we provide that place for everyone to get away from it all - to disconnect and reconnect.

A visit to any one of our locations is the opportunity to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city, turn off the electronics and disconnect from the craziness of the everyday world. The preserves and the corresponding lifestyle provide the alternate world where we can reconnect with family, with friends, and with the peace and serenity offered by the natural surroundings. Traditions are rooted, memories are made and I am excited about the experience we offer our customers.

For many, the choice to camp with Thousand Trails has been a lifestyle choice that has appealed to many generations. I love when I hear the stories of the family traditions that have been handed down from the seasoned camper to those just starting out. Or when I see newcomers, with no past history of camping, completely embracing all that this lifestyle offers.

So, I look forward to the opportunity to communicate with everyone through this monthly message and I am sure that the photos on my wall will provide me with inspiration to share "my view" with you and also to remind myself that our goal is to ensure that you always have the best view possible.

Marguerite Nader
President and CEO