Tom Heneghan - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

Happy New Year! I hope your 2012 was great and I wish you a very happy 2013!

A New Year always brings new challenges, new opportunities and new trails to blaze. To that end, if you have not already heard, 2013 will bring changes my way as I step down from my responsibilities at Equity LifeStyle Properties and move into a new role with Equity International. My involvement with the company, however, will continue as I will remain a member of the ELS Board of Directors.

I have appreciated the opportunity to speak to you each month through this message and in looking back I see several things that ring true and will remain true. I spoke of optionality last year and I believe that we are similar to the old burger commercial – “having it your way.” From the variety of membership products, locations, activities and amenities – you really can have this lifestyle your way.

I know bringing the Thousand Trails properties under the ELS umbrella created many changes. One point I hope you all agree with is that TT is a valued brand and that being part of ELS ensures that we will continue to offer the great lifestyle available to you for years to come. ELS's proven track record over the last 40 years is a testament to our stability, dedication and focus. You are in good hands with ELS and although change is a constant, it is all directed at making things better, reaching new heights and providing all with new opportunities.

In my first message in April 2011 it included a thought of the month that spoke to treasuring memories. I know I will treasure the memories, as I hope you do, of time spent enjoying this great lifestyle.

Speaking of change, we've also made some changes to TrailBlazer with the first issue of the new year and I would like to call your attention to our newest feature - I Knew I Was a TrailBlazer, in which we'll highlight one of our members each month. We'll get to know a bit more about our true TrailBlazers. Hope you like this new feature!

In turning the reins over to Marguerite Nader, I am confident that we will continue to think outside the box. You'll learn more about Marguerite in our March issue, but so you know, she shares our philosophy and passion for the opportunities and product options that we provide our customers. And, I believe that we are poised to take advantage of new opportunities out there and am certain that Marguerite will be blazing that trail along with each of you – I know there's an exciting future ahead for all.

With ELS I've had the good fortune of seeing some incredible places and meeting some interesting people in the United States, with Equity International, it's my chance to see the world.


Tom Heneghan
President and CEO

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