Tom Heneghan - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

Do you recall when you purchased your first RV? Did the dealer offer you anything more than just the rig and any related accessories sold onsite? Did they follow up with you after a certain amount of time to see how you were enjoying your new RV and how often you'd taken it camping?

I ask because you may have seen the recent article in Woodall's that highlights our current initiative to promote camping through RV dealerships. Our philosophy behind that concept is this the relationship between us, the dealer and you is an important one because each one believes in the lifestyle the RV offers. As it says in the article, the partnership was designed to foster the relationship "between the industry that produces and sells the RVs and the American public that purchases and recreates in those leisure-time products."

It's a win-win-win situation all around. The RV dealers sell the RVs, we welcome more campers and the customer purchases from a dealer that is better tuned in to their needs. It's no longer "thanks for buying, hope you enjoy the rig, see you later," but more of a "hey, here are some of the best places to enjoy your rig, please let us know how you enjoy the experience and what we should know about it."

We want to be part of the customer experience from start to finish - ensuring that you've got what you need every step of the way. And we don't want to just turn you lose into the wide world of RVing we want you to come stay with us! We have seen customers who have bought an RV and immediately made reservations with us. As I said in the article, the nice thing is that we know they are actually out there using the product and we can verify the satisfaction that these customers are having when they're out there at our preserves.

On another note, I hope you've had time to visit the TT Gear Store on The season's changing so this is a great time to stock up on some of our great cool weather items. Also, continue to check in at because we are always introducing new products.

Speaking of changing seasons, check out page 10 of this issue to find the perfect sunny locales for a great winter getaway. Why winter with us? We'll give you plenty of reasons!

Finally, I especially liked our fan comments on our recent Facebook post about the definition of camping. Summing it all up, I think the common theme was family, friends, relaxing, reconnecting, memories and oh, yes, marshmallows.

Enjoy the season!

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Tom Heneghan
President and CEO