On The Market



MyRVMarket.com is a virtual one stop shop for the merchandise RVers look for to enjoy their leisure time; whether they’re at home, out at the lake or preparing to hit the road.

There are several great features about the site: high quality products from the best manufacturers at the lowest prices; excellent customer service and reliability; free shipping availability on many items; and the site’s obvious green commitment to earth friendly, recyclable and sustainable products.

A standout feature of MyRVMarket.com is its capability to literally deliver online purchases anywhere. The tagline "In our Store or At Your Door" goes for everything on the website. Merchandise ordered from the online store can be delivered to the customer’s home, to the vacation spot the customer is headed, or picked up from any one of hundreds of RV and camping resorts across the country.

As an example, an RVer can be on the road, realize that the number one item on their road trip "hotlist" was left behind or is about empty, and all they have to do is pick up their smart phone, pop open the laptop, or simply dial an 800 number and place an order. Then they have the option of deciding how to receive the product – either by having it delivered to a current address, the next destination, or picking it up along the way. The anxiety is taken out of the pre-planning process. If something is forgotten – there’s no worries. It can easily be ordered and picked up along the way using MyRVMarket.com.

MyRVMarket.com also has a loyalty program that rivals the best of them. By creating an account and signing up as a Loyalty Club member, a person is then entitled to free membership (a $19 value), club discounts and special club pricing for an entire year.

This website is extremely user friendly, and its search function is simple and easy to navigate. The product offering is vast – ranging from items to clean your RV inside and out, to safe products to care for your pets while on the road, and merchandise to help RVers enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest extent possible.

MyRVMarket.com is a one stop online shop that has merchandise that fit the RVing lifestyle. This site has over a thousand products and adds new items on a weekly basis. Additionally, the site posts weekly specials – with bargain basement pricing on items that fit the season, holiday or special event with a vast array of merchandise to choose from. Check out the website and see for yourself. MyRVMarket.com allows RVers to leave their worries at the door and enjoy the full experience of the RVing lifestyle.