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YKK SNAD Snap Fasteners

YKK SNAD Snap Fasteners When you take your next camping trip, you will be glad to know that YKK Snap Fasteners America offers a product that is designed to keep all of your RV accessories securely attached to your vehicle. YSU’s SNAD (snap adhesively attached) snap components product line works great for mounting sunshades, curtain rods, drink holders, racks, camping gear, awnings, lighting, antennas, and many other accessories to the inside and outside of an RV.

Originally created for the marine industry, these fasteners have a unique dome shape, and they come in either an automotive grade of plastic or a flexible base silicone. They also contain a pad of 3M™, VHB™ acrylic conformable foam adhesive on their underside which enables them to stick to most any surface without having to drill a hole. Installation is a snap with no tools, power or special skills required. Simply clean the surface that the snap is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position and firmly hold the snap in place and release. The SNAD products are also perfect for attaching aftermarket applications to an RV without causing potential damage to the vehicle or its equipment./p>

The plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can be used together. The plastic snap fasteners are designed to stick to flat surfaces, while the flexible base silicone adhesive snaps work best on convex and concave surfaces such as the inside and outside of a metal tube. The flexible base silicone snaps also attach to layered surfaces where different levels of framing come together such as door and access panel frames.

The plastic snap fasteners are incorporated into a 40 mm diameter low profile, plastic dome, while the flexible base silicone adhesive snaps are incorporated into a 25 mm diameter low profile, silicone dome. Both the plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can also be used in many other applications including materials handling, ATVs, golf carts, signage, awnings, promotional displays, and trade show exhibits.

The plastic and flexible base silicone snaps’ snap on/off lifecycle exceeds that of hook & loop closures. And since there are no moving parts, the snap action is more consistent over thousands of connections than conventional metal snaps. SNAD fasteners are also available as either a stud or socket, and they come in black, white, gray or custom colors.

For more information on the plastic adhesive snap components or the flexible base silicone adhesive snap components and other YKK Snap Fasteners America Products, contact Rod Helwig at (502) 839-2297 or rodh@ykksnap-america.com.

3M™, VHB™ are registered trademarks of 3M Co., St. Paul, MN.

Eagle One Nano Wax As-U-Wash

Eagle One Nano Wax As-U-Wash

Clean, shine and protect your vehicle in one step with the new Eagle One Nano Wax As-U-Wash. It provides superior durability and shine by combining the advanced technologies of a carnauba formula with Element Shield.

Eagle One’s exclusive use of nanotechnology goes to work with nano-sized carnauba wax particles that condition and penetrate deeply restoring luster and shine while leaving behind a layer of wax protection.

Unique Element Shield adds a layer of surface protection against harsh elements with every wash. Its enhanced detergents and thick suds wash away dirt and grime and make bug and bird mess easier to remove with each use. It also repels water to reduce spots and protects against heat and UV rays. It is safe for all surfaces.

The product is the fastest and easiest way to cut washing and waxing time in half with unbeatable results.

For information visit www.eagleone.com or call 800-432-4531.

Medical ID Marketplace Medical ID Bracelet

Medical ID Marketplace Medical ID BraceletWith the rising numbers of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, allergies, and thousands of other illnesses, even the seasoned outdoorsman may have concerns about safety when adventuring out. If you’re working on any gear round up stories, I thought the below would be a good fit – active and stylish medical bracelets -

The Scenario: Imagine playing a sport outside, hiking with friends and someone has a heart attack. While trying to help this person in the field, an unknowing bystander gives them an aspirin as it has been shown to help with heart attacks. Unfortunately, the person having the heart attack was deathly allergic to aspirin, and a life was lost.

How It Works: Nearly 50 years ago, the American Medical Association created a universal symbol that would be able to speak for people in emergency situations when they couldn’t - the red insignia. Today, this symbol is universal among EMTs and first responders and continues to save millions of lives as it reduces unnecessary hospital admissions and misdiagnosis.

Medical ID Marketplace, www.hopepaige.com, is the first company to mix fashion with medical bracelets. By combining active styles with the universal red insignia, people with a chronic illness, allergies, etc., are able to discretely hide their problem, but yet feel safe that an EMT will know exactly where to look if something were to happen while hiking, biking, camping, or hitting the outdoors.

Medical ID Marketplace offers the only write-on rubber style bracelets in America called Medibands and also active styles that can be customized with an engraving on the back to alert EMTs of a problem.