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Just Ducky
The Perfect Bungee™

Just Ducky The Perfect Bungee™ Just Ducky's line of The Perfect Bungee cords and straps are aimed at decreasing the risk of injury or lost transports with a super-strong polyurethane construction. The non-load-bearing cords have nylon ends that won't stretch or gouge, while the galvanized straps are for load-bearing applications. The Perfect Bungee safely extends up to twice its original strength, comes back to its original form and is guaranteed for life.

The Perfect Bungee cords come in a variety of lengths and colors to suit every outdoor need, are super-strong and are resistant to saltwater, oil, ozone, and a laundry list of other common household chemicals, making them an indispensable item on boats and ATVs, and in RVs and automobiles. The product is useful for everyone in almost every application. Backed by a lifetime warranty, The Perfect Bungee is guaranteed to always maintain its polyurethane stretch and to stand up to even the harshest tests and conditions. For more information visit www.theperfectbungee.com.

Tailgate-Mate.com Party Table

Tailgate-Mate.com Party TableThis is YOUR personal, portable, recreation table to complement your favorite sports chair. Your refreshments, keys, cell phone and other personal belongings now have a safe location up off the ground. Tabletop holds four beverage cans and has notches for mugs with handles. The included nylon storage bag with shoulder strap and the collapsible design make the party table a convenient travel companion. Designed to withstand any weather for year-round tailgating! For more information or to purchase, send email to purchase@nature-zyme.com.

Instant Tailgate

instant TailgateImagine sitting outdoors with the comfort of your indoor living room. With Instant Tailgate, you no longer have to imagine. Whether tailgating for sporting events, concerts or camping, Instant Tailgate is made to meet your needs of ease, comfort, and style.

Designed to fit in an 8x10 parking space, Instant Tailgate inflates in less than 5 minutes. Once inflated, you can remove the pump and Instant Tailgate will remain inflated for hours of enjoyment. And when the event is over, Instant Tailgate will deflate in less than 5 minutes.

Equipped with Captain seats complete with cup holders built for easy reach. Instant Tailgate is customizable to fit your style. Universal colors keep Instant Tailgate looking sleek or you can choose to add your team colors/team logos to make Instant Tailgate your own.

Whatever your purpose is for outdoor comfort, Instant Tailgate is the easy, affordable, and the way to go! For more information visit www.instanttailgate.com.