Tom Heneghan - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

To start I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of those at our preserves who were directly impacted by Hurricane Irene during the last weekend in August. The diligence and dedication of our staff and the extreme patience of our members and guests were much appreciated during this event. Thanks to the efforts of all, I am proud to say, for the most part, it was business as usual by the time Labor Day Weekend rolled around.

Another change of season is upon us. Autumn is just around the corner and I can't believe summer has flown by as quickly as it did. I hope you look back on this past summer with many fond memories and enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle as much as time allowed you to! One memory I will treasure from this past summer is an outing that introduced our corporate office to the joys of camping. I will say that we succeeded in hooking a number of our employees on the lifestyle all of you already enjoy on a regular basis.

At Thousand Trails and ELS, there is only one season fun! Sure, some resorts and preserves slow down over the winter months, but others, especially those in our popular Sunbelt destinations, come into full swing. Whether you are a snowbird and are fortunate enough to escape the winter, or you stay put close to your favorite preserve, thanks to the wide range of our locations and lifestyle offerings you can have all kinds of fun.

Enjoy winter fun in the Poconos or celebrate the holidays in the Pacific Northwest. If you're seeking sun, try the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, the dry desert air of Arizona or just about anywhere in Florida. If you're going coastal, California, North Carolina and Virginia could be the key to your next round of fun. And thanks to our great discounts and deals we've got across the country, having fun is definitely affordable!

As I said, we like to think whatever the season, you'll find time to spend with family and friends having fun. Each season brings with it plenty of variety for making the most of what's going on, regardless of the climate. For instance, fall brings football season and with that the fun of tailgating. We've got some tips on how the best of the tailgaters do it. Also, the microbrew craze sounds like fun whether you tour the country in search of the best brews or are more of the DIY home-brewer, check out our feature on microbrews. And finally, for some in the north, this is your last chance to hit the links before the weather changes and of course, for our friends who head to warmer climates, golf can be a year-round activity. We've highlighted some of the best public golf courses in this issue as well. Plus, we've got a few of our own courses we're proud of, so consider spending a few days with us.

Summer ends, fall begins, another season, another opportunity. So hit the road, have some fun and before you know it, it will be time for another change of season. Time really does fly when you're having fun!

We're proud to be able to provide the breadth of opportunity for seasonal fun and that no matter the season; we're open for business!

Thought Of the Month
"Live in each season as it passes..." - Henry David Thoreau Bob Hope

Tom Heneghan
President and CEO