Tom Heneghan - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

One of the amazing things about our media today is the ability to bring home the stories of those in need, no matter how far away they may be. Help for Haiti and Help for Japan were all well publicized and televised campaigns that reached out to all of us. Those campaigns touched the most basic elements of human nature. In some cases, giving was as simple as sending a text message to donate. And, after all is said and done, we feel fulfilled. We did our part to help.

But what about the other thousands of stories we never hear about? Those whose stories may not be front page news, but yet struggle every day. They struggle to pay mounting medical bills, to pay for rising fuel costs on a restricted income, or simply struggle to put food on the table.

As Thousand Trails members, you are part of a family and that family extends beyond our preserves. You are part of the big picture that makes up the ELS family. And we, as a family, can make a difference in the lives of others. I want to let you know about ConsiderOthers, a charitable organization that provides all of us the opportunity to give back. The goal of ConsiderOthers is to provide financial help for those within the ELS family who may be struggling financially. These are not the type of situations that garner media attention, but are nevertheless, struggles of people in need.

Our family spreads across a large demographic that includes our residents in our age-restricted communities, the families residing in our all-age communities and our camping network members. Many things are shared around campfires, at social gatherings within our communities and by word of mouth and perhaps you may be aware of another member in need. Every little bit helps and exponentially, we can make a big difference is the lives of many of our family members.

I am proud of this organization and the efforts of our volunteers who work to keep true to the mission of ConsiderOthers. ConsiderOthers has helped over 200 individuals within the ELS family with grants totaling $100,000. Please note that 100% of any donation goes directly to those in need.

As a member of the ELS family, this is your opportunity to participate in this rewarding effort. Please donate. Visit our web site at and make your donation online, over the phone at 866.719.9508 or simply by sending a donation to P.O. Box 87274, Chicago, Illinois 60680. You can also become a fan on our recently launched Facebook page!

This is your chance to help those individuals whose needs may not be front page news, but are those in need nevertheless. Please spread the word if you or a member you know is facing an issue that may be helped by ConsiderOthers, complete an application (applications can be requested by calling the number above or visiting the web site).

We recently received a note from a recipient of a ConsiderOthers grant. It included a quote that really resonated with me and I will leave you with that - "There was a man and they called him mad, the more he gave the more he had."

Thought Of the Month
"If you haven't got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble." Bob Hope

Tom Heneghan
President and CEO