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RIO Products AVID Series Fly Lines

RIO Products AVID Series Fly LinesRIO Products is proud to introduce a new fly line family to its comprehensive collection with the Avid Series. The Avid Series incorporates five, mid-priced fly lines with plenty of features throughout to ensure a successful fishing experience at an affordable price.

Though these fly lines are in the mid-range in terms of pricing (MSRP $54.95, in the US), RIO did not stop short on creating the quality lines that fly fishers have come to know and love from RIO. Each line is manufactured at RIO’s Idaho Falls facility and goes through the same rigorous quality control standards as all RIO premium fly lines. All lines, except the Intermediate line, feature RIO’s AgentX Technology that results in a higher floating line, as well as a super slick coating that helps to keep the line clean and increases casting distance. The collection consists of the Trout WF, Trout DT, Intermediate, 24ft. Sinking Tip, and Saltwater.

The Trout WF line is an all-purpose floating fly line from WF3F through WF8F and is available in a pale yellow color. The Trout DT is available from DT3F to DT6F and is also available pale yellow color. These lines have an easy, front-loading taper to cast flies of all sizes, while delivering excellent turnover and presentation. All the weight forward and double taper lines include one of RIO’s bullet-proof welded loop on the front end for fast leader attachment.

The Avid Intermediate is a slow sinking, clear intermediate line, with a sink rate of approximately 1.5 to 2 inches per second that does not spook fish in the clearest of water. Again, the taper is designed with easy casting in mind, and has a slight increase in weight towards the front of the line, making it easy to load a rod. The line also features a neat welded loop on the front end for speedy rigging, and is available from WF4I to WF8I.

The Avid Series also includes a 24 ft. Sinking Tip line that is an all-purpose sinking tip line and ideal for fishing streamers for trout and steelhead when it’s imperative to get the fly down to the strike zone. The supple floating section makes it easy to mend the line and control the way the fly fishes, while the tungsten impregnated sink tip gets a fly down fast. The grain weights for this line are as follows; 150, 200, 250, and 300. This line comes in black and pale yellow.

The last line in this series is the Saltwater line and designed for a multitude of saltwater species. The front-loaded, short head will cast big, heavy saltwater flies and cope with typical saltwater winds with ease. The slightly heavier than AFTMA standard head will ensure faster rod loading while still generating the punch needed on the flats. The tropical, self-lubricating coating is enhanced with AgentX Technology for the ultimate in slickness and performance. This line is available from WF7F through WF10F in a sandy blue color.

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Loon Outdoors Nip N' Sip

Nip N' SipLoon Outdoors, best known for its innovative fly fishing accessories and environmental commitment, has released the latest product in its line, the Nip N’ Sip, a top quality stainless steel nipper that doubles as a bottle opener. The ergonomic design includes traction pads, a wide body for easy grip and augmented cutting surface and a fly eye cleaner. Loon’s tagline is "Fishing with a Conscience", and the company allows anglers to do just that. The Nip N’ Sip was birthed out of a desire to minimize the number of accessories that an angler has to tote around in his or her vest or pack.

For more information and more Loon products, visit www.loonoutdoors.com.

Loon Outdoors Fishing System

Loon Outdoors Fishing SystemThe Fishing System from Loon Outdoors is a thoughtfully designed pack that comes stocked full of Loon Outdoors’ distinguished accessories. The pack itself can be worn in the front as a chest pack, or around the waist as a hip pack. Designed to offer ample storage without any excess bulk, and with a removable fly patch and four zippered compartments to keep gear organized, it’s the perfect pack for a day on the water. The Fishing System comes with over $40 in free accessories that include Top-Ride and Aquel, Loon’s two best-selling floatants, Deep Soft Weight, BioStrike strike indicator, and tools that include two zingers, forceps, nippers and a leader straightener.

The Fishing System is for anglers of all skill and experience levels. For the beginner it has everything an angler needs to get started. For the seasoned vet, it is the perfect "second" setup to keep in the truck for a few quick casts after work.

For more information, visit www.loonoutdoors.com.

Xuron® Corp Split Ring Pliers

Xuron® Corp Split Ring PliersXuron® Corp. offers split ring pliers that are designed for fishing lure manufacturers and fisherman alike and feature tips that grasp and open split rings for rapid installation and removal.

Xuron® Model 496 Split Ring Pliers feature a curved catch tip that actually opens the ring and securely grasps it to simplify installation, along with a return spring, to make it easy to position and grasp the next split ring. Made from carbon tool steel that is heat treated and covered with non-slip Xuro-Rubber™ cushioned hand grips, these pliers eliminate the need for multiple tools to install and remove a split ring.

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RB Machining RV Storage Door Latches

RB Machining RV Storage Door LatchesHas it happened to you yet? "A broken cargo door latch!" Now, you can replace that latch with the plastic plunger that breaks with a new cargo door latch with an aluminum plunger that won’t break. (With a lifetime guarantee) We have latches for Fleetwood, Winnebago, Monaco and Tiffin Motor homes. We made the latch for Fleetwood models with 4 holes on the flange to accommodate either type of Fleetwood latch mounting.

After breaking my 4th cargo door latch, I decided to replace the plastic plunger with aluminum. They worked so well others wanted aluminum plungers. Now we have new and rebuilt latches, and rebuild kits so you can rebuild your own.

Also we manufacture an aluminum plunger for motor homes that plungers are built into the handle like the Monaco Tri Mark latch. We were told the doors would get stuck when the lever would go over the tab that lifts plunger up and doors would not open. So we made these plungers in two pieces so we could make the tab that the lever hits to open the door higher so it won’t slip over the tab. (Plunger made of aluminum, also with a lifetime guarantee.)

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