Tom Heneghan - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

A photograph serves as more than just a snapshot of a particular event. Photographs can stir up memories and emotions. They can make us laugh, cry, and evoke a sense of nostalgia. We display our photos to remind us of certain events we shared with friends and family, and we share our photos to provide others a glimpse into our lives and to offer those close to us no matter how far the opportunity to share in that particular moment.

With all the current technology, online photo albums are rapidly replacing the photo albums of old and are also allowing many more people to share in your special events than just a select few thumbing through photos with you.

We love when you share your photos of your TT experiences with us. From our Facebook fan page, TrailBlazer's "Pics from the Park" section, as well as our various photo contests, we see what you see, have an opportunity to enjoy what you've enjoyed and see the world from your perspective. Maybe you shared a nature shot of a beautiful vista you came upon while hiking, or a photo of your child, beaming proudly, holding up their first "big catch" or the group shot of everyone in your "camp" a little off center, but aptly representing the camaraderie of the trip.

Some of the best shots are those that show traditions and history. We get a lot of pictures showing three, sometimes four, generations, grouped around a campsite. Or photos of the same subject at the same site over consecutive years that captures growth and change. Don't you have a shot or two that measures your children from year to year in front of the same old height marker or perhaps an evergreen tree? On the occasion that you come across those photos, you marvel at how time flies and find yourself nostalgic for the past but yet proud of the person that little one has grown into. Or perhaps that group shot finds you recounting who everyone is and where they are now.

Personally, I love looking back at pictures because it brings back all the memories of that particular trip or event and it's as if I'm there all over again. Not to mention that it really makes me want to go back and enjoy that experience one more time!

And while the way in which we take photos and "develop" and share them has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years, one thing does stay the same. The photos we take capture a moment in time and preserve it so that story can be told over and over again. Stories that are a part of us and a part of our lives.

Thought Of the Month
"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." Eudora Welty

Tom Heneghan
President and CEO