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Wordlock® Combination Locks

Wordlock® Combination LocksWhether itís for a tool shed, gym locker, or piece of luggage, lock combinations can be forgotten, keys can be lost or locks can get weathered. This could lead to unusable locks being clipped and not replaced. Even worse, key outdoor areas and items could not be secured with a lock at all.

To solve this problem, Wordlock®, offers a full line of locks that use letter and word combinations that can be set and re-set by the user. These are much easier to remember and share with family members than arbitrary numerical combinations or keys that can be lost. Wordlockís patented algorithms can create up to 100,000 different letter combinations on five position locks.

For home and outdoors, Wordlock recommends:

Discus Lock - Shielded design resists bolt cutters and the copper-plated, solid zinc components prevent corrosion from sun or rain. Ideal for storage lockers, truck bed, garage and basement doors.
Mini Cable Lock - Heavy duty, weather resistant, braided stainless steel. Ideal for motorbikes, watercraft, barbecues, power equipment, outdoor bins, trailers, gates.
Sports Lock - Weather resistant steel body and shackle. Ideal for, toolboxes, pool and yard gate, storage lockers and equipment as well as school lockers and gym lockers.

For more information, visit www.wordlock.com.

G2 Products CleaRinse

G2 Products CleaRinseRVers can easily cut down on the time they spend drying their rig after a good cleaning. With the CleaRinse 78300 Spot-Free De-Ionized (DI) Water System or the 78400 High Capacity Spot-Free DI Water System from G2 Products, users can give their RV a final rinse that leaves a spot-free shine.

By removing dissolved solids, which is the reason spots occur, the DI systems lets RVers skip the drying process, saving time and effort.

Both products are recommended for only the final rinse and not the entire washing process. The 78300 provides up to 150 gallons of spot-free rinsing water, while the 78400 supplies up to 350 gallons.

The CleaRinse systems feature dual, high-capacity, color-changing, nuclear-grade DI resin cartridges and a dual line TDS meter. Each system comes with machined brass fittings and 5í of connection hose. A heavy-duty, powder-coated steel bracket makes for easy onboard installation and keeps the system out of the way when not in use.

For more information visit www.clearinse.com.

Davis Instruments Air-Dryr

Davis Instruments Air-DryrDank, damp air can cause damaging mold, mildew and corrosion on boats, RVs and at home. Instead of unsightly dehumidifying bags and fan units requiring drainage, Air-Dryr by Davis Instruments uses heat and natural convection to warm and dry the air, preventing mold and corrosion.

Designed for constant use, the compact Air-Dryr fits out of the way in an enclosed space and plugs into 110/220V power. It dries damp air by heating it above dew point and then releasing warmed air through top vents.

With no switch, fan or thermostat, the silent Air-Dryr is trouble-free and draws no more energy than a light bulb. A thermal cut-off shuts down the unit should airflow be impeded. Air-Dryr has no components to cause sparking, so itís safe for marine use in cabins, v-berths and engine rooms. For fresh-smelling air, to prevent condensation and protect woodwork, Air-Dryr is great for RVs as well as basements and closets at home.

Made of durable polycarbonate, the Air-Dryr 500 handles up to 500 cu. ft., draws only 0.6 amps, 70W, and measures 14" L x 5" W x 4.5" H.

The Air-Dryr 1000 handles 1,000 cu. ft., draws 1.1 amps, 130W, and measures 13.5" in diameter and 4.25" high.

For more information contact Davis Instruments at (510) 732-9229 or visit www.davisnet.com.

Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating System/Hot Water Heater

Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating System/Hot Water HeaterDependable heat and plentiful hot water make RV travel homier and more comfortable. The Aqua-Hot 375-LP hydronic heating system/hot water heater is a powerful unit in a small package. Fueled by propane, the self-contained unit provides uniform cabin heat and continuous, on-demand hot water. The innovative system is so popular, it was one of the top-viewed products on the RV Daily Report in 2010.

Unlike noisy, forced-air systems, the advanced Aqua-Hot 375-LP provides warmth by circulating hot water through discreet heat exchangers. Three thermostat-controlled heating zones and two circulation loops ensure consistent warmth throughout the cabin. The heating system is ideal for gas-fueled recreational vehicles, towable and park models as well as Class A diesel motorhomes.

The compact Aqua-Hot 375-LP provides an unlimited supply of hot water and eliminates the need for a storage tank. With zero recovery time, the unit has a continuous flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute of 120°F water. For washing clothes and dishes and taking showers, it can generate up to 90 gallons of hot water an hour. The innovative and economical system heats to 37,500 BTUs in just 3.37 minutes, using only 0.35 gallons of propane per hour. For even more savings, in mild weather a 1,500W, 120V electric element provides warmth and hot water when connected to shore power.

Placed out of the way, the attractive unit takes up little space. Measuring just 16.75" H x 18" W x 29.5" L and weighing only 155 lbs., the system can be easily installed as an RV is being built or retrofitted into an existing coach.

Contact Aqua-Hot Heating Systems toll free at 800-685-4298 or 303-659-8221 or visit the web site at www.aqua-hot.com for more information.