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Ergodyne TREX 6310 Ice Traction Device

Ergodyne TREX 6310 Ice Traction DeviceErgodyne has introduced the TREX 6310 Ice Traction Device, an adjustable one-piece boot and shoe accessory that features replaceable rugged steel stud and an aggressive tread pattern that provides a tenacious grip and stability on ice, snow and other slippery surfaces. Made from stretchable rubber, the TREX 6310 provides easy on/off and remains flexible even in the most extreme environments.

Unlike many tractions devices on the market today that use adjustment systems and permanent studs that result in poor fit, not to mention the studs wear down, the Ergodyne TREX 6310 features a unique and simple adjustable elastic cord to cinch tight for a customized and secure fit over any shoe or boot. For added convenience and reusability, the studs can be replaced quickly and easily, prolonging product life.

For more information or to view products, visit www.ergodyne.com.

Eagle One Gel Wax

Eagle One Gel WaxTo maintain a glossy shine on your RV or car with a minimum of time and effort, check out the new Eagle One Gel Wax. It lasts as long as paste but is easier to use than liquid wax.

Gel Wax is unique because it does not need to haze or dry after application. Just apply the wax to one section at a time, wipe off immediately and enjoy the look of a showroom shine. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Gel Wax is made with natural carnauba and unique polishers which produce unbeatable durability and water beading. Additional benefits include no white residue and no discoloring of black trim and molding. The wax also protects the trim and molding while enhancing the color.

Eagle One has also made Gel Wax environmentally friendly. It contains no harmful petroleum solvents.

Gel Wax is available at leading auto parts retailers. Suggested retail for a 16-oz. bottle is $9.99.

For further information and detailing tips, visit www.eagleone.com or call 800-432-4531.

Fling Bins

Fling BinsFlings, the pop-trash and recycle bins, are an innovative new product perfect for outdoor entertaining. Most importantly, these portable and attractive trash or recycling bins are certified green by the Sierra Club Green Home.

Fling Bins are a freestanding, attractive, and green, alternative to dirty trashcans or bags. With a 13-gallon capacity, these bins feature an easy-to-use drawstring allowing you to take the bins directly to the trash and recycling pick-up location. Each bin is extra strong, leak-proof and can be reused.

The bins feature the universal recycling logo and filling up one Fling Pop-up Recycling Bin keeps 60 cans or bottles from ending up in a landfill, saving enough energy to power a television for 180 hours!

For additional information, please visit www.FlingBins.com.

ICON LED Flashlights

Fling BinsICON has announced two new flashlights to their line of LED flashlights: the Link and the Solo.

Perfect for hikers, the Link features a state-of-the-art Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens with two useful levels for precision lighting, and a durable power-regulated LED beam. The modern design of the Link features a fully integrated carabiner that allows the device to be clipped almost anywhere. The Link operates on AA batteries.

The Solo is a mini dual-output LED flashlight featuring a micro-textured reflector which creates a smooth, powerful beam. The Solo weighs just over two ounces and has a sturdy pocket clip for convenient carrying. It fits in any purse or pocket and operates on AAA batteries. This great flashlight is useful for anyone looking for a lot of light from small source!

For more information about the Link and the Solo and retail availability visit www.myiconlight.com.

Nature-ZYME Wastewater Treatment Technology

If you're concerned about using harsh chemical solutions in your RV and marine holding tanks that can harm the environment, and instead prefer a more green alternative, consider Nature-ZYME. Nature-ZYME is a 100 percent biodegradable culture that is safe for humans, animals and the planet.

Nature-ZYME is a powerful combination of active micro-organisms that create beneficial enzymes that can digest a wide range of organic compounds and pollutants, while leaving the environment in natural balance. Plus, Nature-ZYME features advanced enzyme technology to stop odors and reduce accumulated sludge.

For more information about Nature-ZYME, visit www.Nature-ZYME.com.