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507RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Truck System Technologies

Truck System Technologies - 507RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Truck System Technologies, Inc. has unveiled their new 507RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System that comes complete with USER REPLACEABLE BATTERIES! Featuring a re-designed monitor to offer a more ergonomically friendly design, the 507RV continues to offer the same data that has driven TST to the top of the TMPS industry, and is backed and supported by the same personal service standards that have made TST the only name you ever need to know in the world of tire safety and pressure monitoring.

The 507RV system requires NO SENSOR CODE programming, continues to report PSI and tire temperature in real time and offers the user the continued ability to custom program up to six differing PSI settings.

Similar to the 510RV system, the 507RV system is accurate within 1.5 +/- PSI and TST systems are accurate within +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit of the actual air temperature within your tires.

Professional Tow Brake - D-Brake

D-Brake Professional Tow BrakeD-Brake's Professional Tow Brake uses the latest technology to provide smooth and accurate braking to your towed vehicle. This patented system is the smartest brake on the market. It is fully controlled wirelessly from the driver's seat of the coach, and it uses an electric actuator rather than an air cylinder that other brake systems use. The Pro-Brake calibrates itself to your vehicle each time you set it up, so it ensures the best braking performance possible. When you step on the brakes in the coach softly, the Pro-Brake comes on softly; and when you step on the brakes hard, the Pro-Brake matches it. In case your towed vehicle's battery was to die while towing, the Pro-Brake has an internal battery in case of emergency. It also works in both regular and hybrid vehicles. D-Brake is based in New Britain, Connecticut where its products are manufactured and assembled. D-Brake offers a full 30-day money back guarantee on top of a two-year warranty. For more information visit www.dbrake.com.

Outdoor Lantern - ThermaCELL

ThermaCELL Outdoor LanternThermaCELL, manufacturer of the only portable, butane-operated, area mosquito repellent, has introduced a rugged outdoor lantern that provides unmatched protection from flying insects as well as ambient light. No more swatting, no more lotions or sprays, and no need to buy expensive bug tents; the ThermaCELL Outdoor Lantern is up to 98% effective at repelling mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums. Plus, the lantern is lightweight making it easy to transport whether you are hunting, camping, fishing, or watching outdoor sports events.

In addition to its rugged outdoor structure, the Outdoor Lantern has many great features including eight LEDs lights with two illumination settings, offering twice as much light as earlier ThermaCELL models; an easy-grip handle that makes the lantern easy to carry or hang; and the lantern weight, at under a pound, makes transport a breeze. In addition, the lantern and mosquito repellent can be used separately or together. The ThermaCELL Outdoor Lantern operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing allethrin, a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in pyrethrum flowers, creating a 15 x 15 foot comfort zone. Each repellent mat provides up to four hours of protection and each butane cartridge provides up to 12 hours of operation. Suggest MSRP is $29.99.

ThermaCELL, a division of The Schawbel Corporation of Bedford, Massachusetts, utilizes patented technology to create cordless, portable appliances powered by replaceable butane cartridges. For more information on ThermaCELL's complete line of products, testimonials, or store locations visit www.thermacell.com or call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS (866-753-3837).

RV Directions 2010 - RV Directions, L.L.C.

RV Directions is a premium collection of over 77,000 directory locations that are relevant to the active RVer. It is an add-on product that will work with any PC that is equipped with Microsoft Streets & Trips or DeLorme Atlas Plus. It will also work on Garmin GPS units. In addition to campground listings, locations listed also include rest areas, truck stops, shopping locations, restaurants, casinos, golf courses, post offices, hospitals and RV service locations. It also includes 120 spectacular road trips as described in the Reader’s Digest publication “The Most Scenic Drives in America.” For more information, visit www.rvdirections.com.

Signal Site Finder and Dish Alignment System - Align-A-Site

Align-A-Site Signal Site Finder and Dish Alignment SystemMost RVers soon learn that without a clear line of sight, even the most expensive, modern, hi-tech automatic satellite dishes just will not work. Many spend countless, frustrating hours trying to get a signal in a location they thought had a clear line of sight only to find out they actually do not.

If you have been searching for an instrument that eliminates the hassle of finding a clear line of sight for your new portable automatic dish, your tripod mounted dish, or just want to find a location to park your RV so you can receive a signal for your roof mounted dish, then the ALIGN-A-SITE Precision Sighting Tool is just what you've been looking for!

Simply set the large, easy to read dials to the satellite coordinates and look through the "spotting scope style" lens and visually scan your campsite for a good dish location!

Not only does this unique system help you quickly and easily find and visually verify a clear line of sight for placement of your portable automatic or tripod dish, but the optional dish mount (sold separately) uses the tool’s precision gauges to assist you in aligning your tripod dish accurately without the need to level the pole.

The Sighting Tool's 5-degree circular field of view lets you see the azimuth and elevation views simultaneously so you can "see what your dish sees!"

All components are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. with durable, non-magnetic, weather resistant materials. Align-A-Site works with any size and style dish or system including multi-satellite, HDTV, foreign and Internet systems.

Suggested retail prices are $119.95 for the Sighting Tool, $59.95 for the Dish Mount or $169.95 for the complete system (complete system includes Sighting Tool and Dish Mount).

Look for the Align-A-Site at Camping World or your RV parts dealer. For more information, visit www.alignasite.com or call (877) 504-3473.