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Direct Sat TV

Direct Sat TVDirect Sat TV provides a simple solution for quality entertainment, both at home and on the road, in the form of a package designed to equip your RV and home with satellite television. The package includes an easy set up RV Kit for your travels, and a professionally installed system for home. An added benefit is that the system shares one monthly fee.

The RV Kit equipment is provided free of charge to new DIRECTV customers who also order home service. Current DIRECTV customers may purchase the kit for a nominal fee. The kit consists of a travel tripod, satellite dish, receiver and cable. The home system consists of all necessary equipment for up to three rooms. Professional, standard installation is provided for your home. Starting at just $29.99 per month, DIRECTV offers several programming packages to choose from to meet everyone's needs. Visit their web site at www.DirectSatTV.com/RV for further information.


Hughes Autoformer

Hughes AutoformerRV appliance failures can be costly, frustrating and inconvenient. RV park power hookups do not necessarily have the capability to provide a stable voltage source, especially if there are numerous demands on the RV park’s power grid. Many AC motors burn out due to higher than rated current draw caused by low voltage. Appliances are generally intended to operate better on higher voltage, lower amperage.

Hughes Autoformers are designed to increase voltage to your RV and help eliminate low voltage damage to your appliances. This is accomplished by changing the voltage to amperage relationship - raising the voltage which in turn lowers the amperage. The Autoformer has an input operation range of approximately 94 to 125 volts. Your appliances will operate smoothly and efficiently without premature wear and damage to motors and compressors. For more information, visit www.rveatonsales.com.

King Controls

King ControlsKing Controls, a well-known name in the satellite TV market, had introduced the JACK digital, over-the-air HDTV Antenna for RVs. Covering the full digital spectrum for both UHF and VHF signals, the JACK offers improved reception of UHF signals where over 80% of the new digital local channels are broadcast. With a wider reception range, the JACK antenna is less directional than traditional RV antennas to simplify finding a signal and scanning for available channels.

At just 12.5 inches long by 16.5 inches wide by 2 inches high, the JACK antenna is up to 70 percent smaller than competing products and offers less wind resistance when deployed or traveling. The amplified antenna includes an AC to DC power supply and can also be used with an existing wall mount or video switch supplied 12-volt antenna power switch for simple retrofit. Two different mounting brackets allow quick and easy installation on your RV. Visit their web site, www.kingcontrols.com, for further information.

Pacific Coachworks

Pacific CoachworksThe new Tango Outdoor Kitchen Slide Outs (KSO) by Pacific Coachworks sets in a 6-foot wide by 2-foot deep kitchen slideout that rides in the normal rear kitchen location but also slides out to be the perfect outdoor kitchen that includes cabinets, microwave oven, range, sink refrigerator and it even mounts a 26-inch LCD TV set so you have everything you need for outdoor and patio living. Available in eight travel trailer floor plans ranging from 26-foot to 34-foot and two fifth wheel units in 25 or 27-foot lengths. For more information, go to www.pacificcoachworks.com

Torklift International

Torklift InternationalFollowing the popularity of the Stableload for Ford and Dodge Trucks, Torklift International has recently introduced the Stableload version for Chevy and GMC trucks.

The new Chevy/GMC Stableload improves on Torklift's earlier Ford/Dodge units by adding two further directions of adjustability. The Chevy/GMC Stableload is adjustable side to side as well as front to back for a more accurate leveling of the load. This unique four-way adjustability allows the user to keep the vehicle level in all directions. The Chevy/GMC Stableload is designed to work with or without aftermarket airbag overloads. Stableload installation is designed to be quick and easy, taking roughly 30 minutes to set up all four units on a truck. It's priced about a third of the cost of other overload and suspension upgrade products, making it a cost-effective leveling option. For more information, visit their web site at www.torklift.com and to watch the video of a working unit.