Joe McAdams - CEO, Thousand Trails

Most of us are creatures of habit. We may not like to think so, but we are. Sure we change a few things around, try something different from time to time but when we want to be guaranteed satisfaction and a good time... we're creatures of habit.

When we travel, we head back to certain parts of the country, or the world for that matter, because we know what we'll find. We head back to certain resorts and preserves, because we know what we'll find. We head back to the same restaurants, or head back to the same recipe, because we know what we'll find. We find what we like and that is more comforting than anything else. Nothing unexpected, no need to worry. It's like slipping on old slippers or your lucky fishing hat. We know it works, we know we'll like it.

It's almost summer. As creatures of habit, we'll hit the road for some R&R. This may be the year you take that trip across Europe but if not, you'll probably find yourself at least once during your time off seeking out the familiar. Parking your rig or pitching your tent at your favorite campground, sitting around the campfire with old friends, trading stories...some you've heard before but they still make you smile. Creatures of habit, you bet.

You'll find some of the most interesting creatures of habit around the baseball field. Doesn't matter who they root for, a fan is a fan is a fan. The team that disappointed them last season, the team that they vowed never to root for again is taking the field for a new season. These creatures of habit will be there...believing maybe this is the year. Interesting characters. There's something comforting about the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat as it connects, from little league fields on up to the big time. Check out our feature on minor league baseball in this issue – there’s something familiar to be found in these fields of dreams. And, if you plan to hit some of these minor league stadiums, visit the TrailBlazer web site before you go for information on where to stay in the area.

You know we love to hear from you. In our first issue of 2010, I asked you to let us know if there was "someone we should know." In this issue, you’ll meet our first "TrailBlazer" – someone you should know, someone who makes a difference. For this woman, helping others is second nature to her. A creature of habit with the best intentions.

We also heard from another member and the timing couldn't be more perfect. As we head into the summer months, months that include Memorial Day, Flag Day and the Fourth of July, we should proudly display the American Flag. Since so many of our rigs proudly display the flag, our member asked that we include some information on the do’s and don’ts of flag waving so we've provided some interesting facts about how to display Old Glory.

Seasons change. Time marches on. And we can't stop that... but we can keep going back to what we know, what we like, what makes us feel good. Nothing ever changes that.

Happy travels.

Joe McAdams
President, Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc.