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6 Volt RV Battery Lock - B-D RV Battery Lock

6 Volt RV Battery Lock - B-D RV Battery Lock Batteries can be expensive and thatís a fact. It's also a pretty well known that batteries located on the front of travel trailers can be an open invitation for theft. The 6 Volt RV Battery Lock from B-D RV Battery Lock provides security from theft of expensive RV batteries by replacing the nylon strap and securing the battery to the frame. It is easy to install and fits around the battery box and the A-frame of the trailer, including those tall 6-Volt golf cart batteries. The RV Battery Lock is made of heavy metal and is powder coated so that it will never rust. B-D offers a lifetime warranty and will replace the battery lock if it rusts or has any manufacturing defect.


Patriot tow braking system - Blue Ox

Patriot tow braking system - Blue OxIf you're looking for an easy-to-use and convenient way to smooth your tow vehicle's braking then the Patriot from Blue Ox is what you want. This is an all-new electric-powered braking system designed to provide more sensitive braking performance for vehicles in tow. Instead of the sudden all-on or all-off braking of typical air compression systems, the Patriot system electronically coordinates with the motorhome brakes to apply appropriate, proportional braking for all tow vehicle wheels, allowing for smoother deceleration and less wear on the brake pads.

At only 15 pounds, the Patriot is half the weight of similar units. With an electric actuator instead of an air cylinder, it eliminates pumps, tanks and air hoses that can malfunction or leak. It has its own battery that allows it to supplement any uneven power flow from the towed vehicle to provide consistent and reliable braking at all times. The battery also allows the braking system to operate independently from the motorhome's power source should a tow connection be lost. The system is rechargeable through the 12- volt supply of the tow vehicle.

Insect Shield

Insect shieldDo you want non-goopy or low to no-odor insect protection? Then try articles treated with Insect Shield! This EPA-registered product is invisible, odorless and safe for kids, infants, and women who are pregnant or nursing. Because Insect Shield repellent is tightly bound to a fabric's fibers it is preferable to traditional insect repellents, which can wash off in the shower or stream, or sprays that might risk contaminating the atmosphere. Blended into fine clothing lines like L.L. Bean and ExOfficio it is also contained in products such as the folding camp chair from TravelChair and hammocks from Eagles Nest Outfitters. Visit their web site at www.insectshield.com for more information.

Roof Vent Covers - MaxxAir Vent Corp.

Roof Vent Covers - MaxxAir Vent Corp.We open the roof vents aboard our rigs to keep temperatures down, drive musty air out and many of us prefer to have them open as we go down the road or when we're away from the rig. However, we may not always remember to close them and that can lead to a soaked interior if it rains. Now, thanks to the roof vent covers from MaxxAir, if you forget to close the roof vent, there's no need to worry. The roof vent cover allows the vent to stay open while still protecting the cabin from rain damage.

Each unit measures 19.5 inches long by 18.5 inches wide by 9 inches high so that they easily install over all popular, 14-by-14 inch standard roof vents. Featuring their exclusive Zero-Leak Mounting System, there's no need to drill any holes in the RV's roof surface. Available in six colors to match any rig (champagne, almond, white, black, smoke and silver) the product also comes with a six-year warranty.

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor - L&S Safety Solutions, LLC

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor - L&S Safety Solutions, LLCMore and more frequently, RVers are choosing to carry motorcycles with them instead of a car and when they reach the campground they are off on a bike trip. To make things a bit safer, PressurePro has released a new tire pressure monitoring system for motorcycles that is expanded with the ability to track up to six tires so that if the cycle is towing a trailer or has a sidecar you are protected. Simply install the wireless valve-cap pressure senders and the monitor panel and you're ready to motor on. The unit monitors the pressure and notifies you of low or high pressure problems any time the ignition is on. Visit the web site at www.TirePressureMonitor.com to learn more.