Joe McAdams - CEO, Thousand TrailsGood Things Endure

If you look deeply into things that last there is usually a common thread running through them, and that thread is typically value-based. Values such as respect, tradition, goodwill, and commitment. Values that are passed down from generation to generation. Good things endure.

This issue celebrates the anniversaries of a few good things that have endured. Travel with us as we traverse the Blue Ridge Parkway, an All-American Road that is celebrating 75 years this year. From the original concept to the breathtaking 469 miles of roadway that it is today, the Blue Ridge Parkway has endured. Thanks to commitment on the part of the creators, the backers and its caretakers, our National Park System. Thanks to the respect and goodwill from the people who travel it everyday.

If you're heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway, don't forget to visit us we have several preserves and resorts in the area that can serve as home base as you travel along the parkway (see pages 15-18 for details).

Another group, steeped in tradition and values, celebrates a big milestone this year. The Boy Scouts of America are celebrating 100 years. I am sure that many of you who sit around the campfires across our preserves enjoyed your first campfire as a scout. Where would camping be today without the scouting system in America? To recognize the milestone of the Boy Scouts of America, we are teaming up with them at several of our preserves we're running Pinewood Derbies (do you remember your first derby car?), we're participating in a Scout-O-Rama hosted by the Scouts. Their celebration is a good time to reconnect not only with the Scouts, but also with the values and traditions they have instilled through the years that continue to endure today.

And we continue to celebrate the anniversary of the RV industry. The RV Centennial Media Tour with RV historian David Woodworth kicks off this month. The tour will showcase the advancements the industry has made over the last 100 years. To find our more about the tour or where David Woodworth is headed, check out the organization's web site at Lots of good things going on!

I'm sure the RVers who hit the road 100 years ago would be surprised at how things have changed. From the amenities to the technology available, it sure is a different experience than the one those trailblazers in 1910 experienced.

Our seasonal resorts are getting ready to swing into high gear and our snowbird resorts are bidding farewell to many friendly faces until next season. Spring is here so summer can't be too far behind, bringing with it another good thing that has endured - summer vacation! Tradition, year after year, good things endure.

So I wish a Happy Anniversary to the Scouts, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the RV industry and to anyone one else out there who has endured! That's a good thing.

Hope to see you soon!

Until Next Time,

Joe McAdams
President, Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc.