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Aqua-Hot 375LP and Little-Hot - Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, Inc.

Aqua-Hot 375LP and Little-HotAqua-Hot Heating Systems, Inc. has released two revolutionary new propane-powered hydronic heating systems. First is the Aqua-Hot 375LP that is designed for Class A, Class C and high-end towables. The 375LP incorporates Aqua-Hot's own proprietary propane burner technology producing more than 37,500 BTUs. The unit offers three separate thermostatically controlled zones to provide quiet, comfortable, even cabin heat, and 1.5 gallons per minute of continuous, on-demand hot water produces 90 gallons per hour with no recovery time. Owners of gas-powered motorhomes and towables can enjoy the same hydronic comfort as owners of Class A diesel motorhomes.

The other new heating system from Aqua-Hot is the Little-Hot. The Little-Hot's compact design produces big heat, over 30,000 BTUs. Two separate circulation zones provide the flexibility of one interior heating zone and one engine preheating zone, or two interior heating zones and no engine preheating zone. Separate thermostatically controlled heating zones provide quiet, comfortable, even cabin heat, and 1.5 gallons per minute of continuous, on-demand hot water produces ninety gallons per hour with no recovery time.

Little-Hot's LowE3 technology is low emission, low energy and low electricity, using proprietary burner, flame tube and heat exchangerdesign to reduce CO emissions 75 percent, smoke and particulates by 90 percent, fuel use by 32 percent, and electrical operating DC amps by 28 percent. The compact size provides same comfortable heat and continuous hot water for small Class A diesel and Class C diesel motorhomes previously available only in large Class A motorhomes. For additional information on Aqua- Hot Heating System's new hydronic systems visit their web site at www.aqua-hot.com.


Towing Kit - Fullpull Towing

Towing Kit - Fullpull TowingPulling a heavy trailer up a mountain is no fun in a pickup truck because while gear ratios are fine for flat highways and high mileage they normally aren't nearly tall enough for mountain work. If you have a four-wheel drive truck a simple solution that can give you up to 50 percent more pulling power for climbing is the Fullpull towing kit. The kit disables the front-wheel drive and locks your truck down into rear two-wheel drive low range giving you 50 percent or more gear reduction in all your gears while removing much of the stress from your transmission and motor while backing in heavy trailers, pulling big boats from boat ramps, and pulling your travel trailer on steep mountain roads. With the gear reduction you should be able to reach a speed of up to 40 mph depending on your motor, tire size, and gearing. This will allow you to use two-wheel drive low on steep mountain roads giving you all the power you need to get up those steep grades.

An added benefit for gasoline engine trucks is when going back down the mountain because twowheel drive low will give you up to 50 percent more engine braking saving those truck and trailer brakes for when you really need them. Diesel trucks will need an engine exhaust brake to take advantage of this lower gearing. Contact Fullpull Towing for applications and pricing at (904) 725-5555 or visit www.fullpulltowing.com.

nVision Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation

nVision Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Hopkins Manufacturing CorporationA big part of keeping your RV's dirty-side-down is proper tire pressure and an easy way to do that is to install the new nVISION Tire Pressure Monitoring System from Hopkins made specifically for RVers and towers and works on all sizes of tires, up to 150 psi. With its four memory position settings, this system allows users to monitor the exact number and configuration of tires that correspond to the vehicle they are driving and/or towing. The memory positions can be recalled at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to reprogram each time a different vehicle and/or towed vehicle is driven.

The nVISION System allows drivers to check tire pressure right from the driver's seat. Installation is quick and easy. Sensors simply attach to the tire valve stems and continuously send tire pressure readings to the monitor located on the dash. The two level warning system warns drivers with both visual and audible alerts when tires become low. The base system includes one monitor with non-skid pad and four tire sensors. Additional sensors are sold in 2-packs.

CH751 Replacement Locks - Industrial Lock and Hardware

If you own a trailer you may have noticed that the locks are stamped with CH751 on the flat surface where you put in the key. These locks and keys have been in use for well over 10 years on almost all trailers and several motorhomes to secure their storage bays. Why? RV manufacturers have keyed the storage compartments alike mainly for inventory control and to help dealerships manage their key control. After all, imagine the amount of work it would be to keep track of hundreds of travel trailer keys.

The problem in having the same key fit so many RVs is that it only takes a semi-smart crook to figure out how to steal your stuff. We are not speaking about break-ins since nothing is broken ... the burglars are using keys to open the unit--the same key you use.

The best way to keep your stuff locked is to re-key all of the storage compartments. In terms of cost, rekeying is far less expensive than purchasing replacement locks. However, some of the CH751 locks were not made to be re-keyed. You can also purchase new locks and replace them yourself, or have someone install them for you. The confusion begins when you look at all the different lock body sizes, different locking cams (locking arm) and whether the lock is a sealed version, not to mention the quality of the lock. If you don't order your new lock correctly, you are going to be turning a three to five minute DIY project into a frustrating experience.

That's why it's best to contact a company like Industrial Lock who understands your requirements and are certainly more knowledgeable of the recreation vehicle industry in general. Working with folks who understand where you're coming from is always a plus. Call Industrial Lock and Hardware direct for fair and honest help to secure your stuff!