Joe McAdams - CEO, Thousand TrailsIt's 2010 Already...

Where does the time go?

What new paths did you travel in 2009?

I know that if I look back on 2009 I can certainly say it was a busy year. There were plenty of upgrades and updates at the preserves; we all dealt with our changing economy and its effects on our business and we all put forth our best efforts to continue to provide the experience on which we have built our reputation.

Speaking of time ... we are so proud to be a part of an industry that is celebrating its 100th year anniversary. In 2010, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) will lead an industry-wide, year-long celebration to recognize 100 years of RVing. We hope to highlight many of those celebrations in the upcoming issues of TrailBlazer. Did you know that the first camping vehicles for commercial sale were built in 1910? Take a look at our Family News section for a quick trip through the history of the RV industry. As they say, "we've come a long way, baby!"

One option for sharing time with your family and friends is to take advantage of the exclusive opportunity being offered to our members through Timeshares Only. Members benefit from the following three great ways to save on travel options for the entire family*:

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In our last issue I asked if you were a TrailBlazer and in a sense, I challenged you to become one if your answer was "no" to many of the questions asked. So, I hope you have resolved to be a TrailBlazer in 2010. Maybe you're planning to be more green when you RV? For some ideas about using the power of the sun and wind, check out this issue's product review on page 46.

Well, it's a new year so I am putting forth a new challenge. I am asking you to look around you and recognize the efforts of someone who really makes a difference (and yes, it can be you!). By "a difference" I mean someone who goes that extra mile, takes the extra time, considers others. The effects of the efforts of this kind of person can be far-reaching and we'd like to recognize them in our magazine. So, if there is "someone we should know," please drop us a line. We're always looking to salute a "TrailBlazer."

And most of all, I hope that you do resolve to spend more time with friends and family this year and of course, that you plan to spend it at our preserves. We welcome each and every one of you!

Have a safe and happy 2010!

Until Next Time,

Joe McAdams
President, Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc.