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Jensen AWM970 Stereo - Jensen

Jensen AWM970 StereoIf your dash or wall mounted stereo doesn't have the power or features that you want then check out Jensen's AWM970 108 Watt AM/ FM/CD/DVD/USB/iPod and SIRIUS Ready Wallmount Stereo. The Jensen AWM970 can be easily mounted in any location providing RVers with the opportunity to enjoy all their media from one state-of-the-art unit.

This slick unit offers not only the traditional AM/FM stereo but also features a fully suspended slot-type CD/DVD player that not only withstands the bumps and jolts of mobile applications but gives users the chance to enjoy videos while out on the road. The AWM970 has full iPod control from the face of the unit and iPod charging when hooked up with a Jensen interface cable. Other MP3 players and portable music devices can be played by using the unitís front auxiliary input. For users who download music from their computers onto USB devices the AWM970 is smartly engineered with a front USB input for playing those tunes as well.

The AWM970 is designed with a rear aux input to accommodate TV audio or even a SIRIUS Satellite Radio Dock & Play unit. In addition, the AWM970 can be utilized for outdoor entertainment by pairing it with the Jensen MWR75 Waterproof Wired Remote Control that controls AM/FM/CD functions plus track and volume for the DVD player. The unit also has three speaker outputs that give users the ability to control what speaker zone they hear their audio from. Contact your RV dealer for information on this unit or visit www.jensenrvdirect.com.


Combination VHF/GMRS Radio - Cobra

Cobra MRHH425LIVP VHF/GMRS RadioSometimes known as the "RV Show Spouse Finder," Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) have been in use for several years now for routine communications or emergencies on land. In the boating world the very high frequency (VHF) radio is used. The problem comes if you need to talk on land and water. Now with Cobraís new MRHH425LIVP handheld radio users can switch seamlessly between the VHF and GMRS bands with the push of a button allowing dual band receive and transmit. This all-terrain radio lets operators conveniently make water or land-based contact no matter where they are.

This is the first combination VHF/GMRS radio in the world. The unique MRHH425LIVP is fully submersible and complies with JIS7 standards. Offering a state-of-the-art "Rewind-Say-Again" feature, users can play back up to the last 20 seconds of audio making it easy to catch up with missed calls. Compatible with other Cobra and GMRS radios, itís also great for use during camping, hiking, ATV or snowmobile outings.

A total of 1,815 privacy combinations are possible when its 15 GMRS channels are paired with its 121 privacy codes. The MRHH425LIVP provides instant 24-hour a day access to national weather information while also offering S.A.M.E. weather alert filtering.

Controls on the handheld provide instant access to channels 16 and 9 for emergencies. With tri-watch ability, it can also monitor three channels at once including 16 and 9 and one user-selected channel. Its long-lasting lithium-ion polymer battery provides longer talk time and maintenancefree operation. Power is adjustable to 1, 3 or 5W for short and long communication. Identifying callers is simple with this handheld and users can assign up to 10 call tones.

It comes with a three-year warranty and has a suggested retail price of $169.95. To learn more about Cobra products, visit the Cobra web site at www.cobra.com.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers - Stuffitt Shoe Savers, Inc.

Stuffitts Shoe SaversIt's a fact that if you hike, camp or just love walking, your shoes bear the brunt of your outdoor fun. The sweat that stays trapped in your shoes creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which makes a normally pleasant smelling shoe, ah, not so pleasant smelling.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers, a revolutionary new product absorbs moisture and eliminates shoe odor by natural absorbent action. Filled with 100 percent cedar, these shoe inserts dry out shoes 25 times faster than air drying, eradicating odor by absorbing moisture and creating an inhospitable environment for the source of shoe odor, bacteria. After a long day outdoors, simply insert Stuffitts into your shoe to stop moisture in its tracks. Available at select specialty running stores or online at www.stuffitts.com.

Mini Triple Gauge Kit CP8092 - Sunpro

Sunpro Mini Triple Gauge Kit CP8092Sunpro's Style Line Mini Triple Gauge Kit is perfect for vehicles with limited dash space. This unit features 1 1/2 inch gauges, including mechanical oil pressure gauge, water/oil temperature gauge and voltmeter, all conveniently housed within a removable chrome panel for easy installation under a vehicle's dashboard or in the center console. It comes complete with the capillary tubing, NPT thread and adapters required for installation.

Gauges incorporate 12-volt internal lighting making them easy to read at night. A bright red pointer set against the white dial face on each gauge also improves readability. All Sunpro gauges are factory calibrated and certified and are backed by a full one-year warranty. www.sunpro.com

310 Toilet - Dometic Corporation

310 Toilet - DometicDometic has just introduced the 310 toilet that features best-in-class gravity flush. The power flush technology offers the only true, 100 percent swirling bowl coverage for complete cleaning action.

The 310 toilet is available in standard and low profile models and features a longer, fullsize seat and ideal bowl height to ensure comfort. The flushing technology includes a drop-away ball and valve with a new seal-tight system. The waterline quick-connect function and one-piece base with two-bolt connection provide easy installation, servicing and cleaning.