Joe McAdams - CEO, Thousand TrailsWere You a TrailBlazer This Year?

Come on! Enjoy the camaraderie.

What new paths did you travel in 2009?

Did you stay at a preserve that you may not have been to before? Did you visit a few of the ELS resorts? Did you take advantage of the new programs we’ve added, like the One Park Membership or Ready Camp Go? Did you get in on the deals offered through our Annual Site programs or the vacation cottage sales? Did you go green and camp in a way that is good for our environment (and good for your budget?) Did you make a difference? If you can answer yes to one, or all, of these questions, then you are a TrailBlazer.

By definition, the word "trailblazer" means "pathfinder" or "one who blazes a trail for others to follow." Going green, visiting new destinations, changing the way you do things for the better are all trailblazerworthy efforts. Did you make new friends while traveling or take the time to help out a novice RVer in need? Efforts like that can have farreaching effects. In our Family News section, we take a look at how our preserves have stepped up to help others in need. While not necessarily a new concept, it is still a trailblazing effort. Given the current state of our economy, you’ll find more people saying "it's all I can do to take care of my needs" and yet, we find our dedicated preserve staff and members doing what they can to make the holidays brighter for others. Talk about far-reaching effects—Hats off to these TrailBlazers.

A TrailBlazer is also a pioneer. Many of our members have been RVing for years and years and have assuredly seen quite a few changes. They probably chuckle a bit when they see how this humble way of road-tripping has taken off to become the new mode of travel. And as for the evolution of the campground and RV accommodations—they could write a book! Our members helped pave the thousand trails of RV resorts that many people have come to call home and have been instrumental in helping us improve upon what we have. Hats off to these TrailBlazers.

So, take a look back on 2009. Were you a TrailBlazer?

Until Next Time,

Joe McAdams
President, Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc.