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LED Replacement Lights - Jirah Company

One of the advantages of traveling in an RV is that you don’t have to fire up the gas lantern for light, but those 12-volt incandescent light bulbs do have two major problems in that they burn out rather quickly and they get so hot that they often burn or discolor the light fixture lens. The Jirah Company has introduced a new and environmentally friendly interior LED light that operates 950 percent more efficiently than your standard 12-volt incandescent (filament type) light bulb. The mounting base plugs directly into your existing light socket and the light card has a convenient “peel and place” adhesive back for universal mounting either inside the light fixture or on the front of it.

Because there is virtually nothing to break they are extremely resistant to shock, vibration and road impacts and they are rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use. They broadcast a pure white light, which is much closer to natural sunlight than the beige hue of a filament bulb. The light card is 1-1/2” square by 1/4” thick and the wire lead is approximately 2”. It is available for most popular mounting bases. The cost is $20 each, plus $4.50 for shipping and handling. Contact Jirah directly to buy these “must-have” units. 909-297-1926 www.jirahled.com or send email to


Mildew Stain Remover and Ultra Foam Awning Cleaner - Thetford Corporation

If your RV has been parked outdoors through a few rain showers you really should roll out that awning and check for mold and mildew. It doesn’t take a lot of rain to bring on the mold and mildew— in fact just a few heavy doses of early morning dew will start both of these fabric eaters to working. Thetford Mildew Stain Remover gets rid of the mold and mildew. It can also be used on rubber moldings, canvas, vinyl and almost any other place that needs a treatment.

While you are at it use some Thetford Ultra Foam Awning Cleaner to put your awning back to its “like new” condition. Both of these products carry EPA DfE certification. Visit Thetford’s web site or visit any RV dealer to buy these products. www.thetford.com

ONEstep Wheel Chock - Progress Mfg. Inc.

You might have noticed that tire sizes are getting larger on our towable RVs and the distance between axles is much farther apart than a few years ago. This makes for better load carrying ability and better handling but the downside is that it’s more difficult to lock those wheels in place when you are parked. Progress Manufacturing has met this problem with their tried and true Fastway ONEstep wheel chock that’s now available in an XL size. The ONEstep XL can stabilize the new, wider dual axle trailers with a wheelbase up to 30” at the ground.

The ONEstep XL clicks into place in just seconds. Simply step on the arms to lock into place and pull up on the attached cable for easy removal. This simple process requires little to no bending. The unit is built to last. The durable powder coat finish on the arms and zinc plated wedges keep them looking great for years. The product carries a one-year limited warranty and comes ready to hold a combination or key lock. Call or visit their web site or visit your local RV supply store. 800-478-5578 www.fastwayrv.com or the home site at www.progressmfg.com

12-Volt Diesel Generator - Next Gen Power

If you have a 2,500-watt (25-Amp) or higher inverter in your RV you might not need an AC generator. But think about this a moment. You use a 110-volt alternating current (Vac) generator to power the RVs converter to change that Vac power into 12-volt direct current (Vdc), charge your batteries and then use the batteries to power your inverter to get Vac again. Doing this is a waste of power and fuel. The smartest way to do things might be to charge your batteries directly by using a 12-Vdc charging system like the Next Generation Power line of DC power units.

Next Gen can custom-build the state-of-the-art DC power units to fit many applications, such as highoutput charging for hybrid or electric vehicles. They’re also ideal for main power on RVs that don’t have larger AC generators or backup power when a smaller, more efficient unit is needed to charge batteries rapidly.

The advanced systems feature remote start/stop panels, oil pressure and water temperature safety shutdowns and vibration isolation mounts. Radiator cooling options include mounted or remote with electric fan. The basic DC Power Unit packages from Next Gen start at $3,295 with a singlecylinder diesel Kubota engine and a 150-amp permanent magnet-volt alternator. The product measures 24” H x 24” W x 20” D and weighs 220 lbs. Contact Next Generation Power directly for more information and a listing of the many options. 888-463-9879 www.nextgenerationpower.com. or ngpowersales@bellsouth.net

Gen-Box - Mountain Master

If you have requirements for large amounts of alternating current (AC) power then the new Mountain Master 50 AMP version of the Gen- Box RV power system with its 6.5 kw Guardian RV Generator (quitepact 65g) built into their soundproof toolbox is what you want. The Gen- Box packs the generator, fuel tank and cooling baffles into a compact package (58.5” long by 23.25” deep and 21.5” high) so that it can drop into any long bed or short bed full size pickup to provide power travel trailers and fifth wheels with a normal 120-volt service. It can also be rewired to supply 240-volts for welders or special heavy equipment. You don’t need to open the Gen- Box or go outside to start it—just press the start button on your wireless remote control start/stop key chain and away it goes. With its fuel sipping runtime of 30 to 40 hours on the internal Gen- Box 12 gallon tank you have power for 24 to 40 hours. They also offer an optional 25 gallon tank that bolts to the back of the Gen- Box adding 6” to the depth. Another option is a 50 to 30-amp adapter for RVs with 30-amp plugs. Gen-Box is made in the U.S., comes with a 3-year warranty, and has an introductory price of $4,495. Contact Mountain Master directly for information and more options. 623-521-2222 www.mountainmaster.net