RV Scene

EU3000i Generator - Honda Power Equipment

From the smallest tent trailer to the biggest motorhome we all want the convenience of AC power in our rolling homes. For the smaller motorhome and towables we run into the problem of where and how to mount or carry an AC generator. Plus, we need to consider that most small gensets are louder than a 747 jetliner at takeoff, vibrate more than a jackhammer and most of them aren’t approved for exhaust spark control by the U.S. Forest Service.

How about a 77-pound unit with built-in wheels; emits only 56 to 65 dB(A) of sound; and can run up to 15 hours on a gallon of gasoline while still pumping out 3,000 watts (25-Amps) of power? Enter the new EU-3000i Handi AC generator from Honda that does all this and also has a long list of extras that you expect from Honda. Visit your local dealer and talk to them about this new unit or visit Honda’s web site. http://www.hondapowerequipment.com/products/generators


Comfort Control Center – Dometic Corporation

How many times a week do you get up to adjust the air conditioner/furnace controller that comes standard in most of our RVs? Why not replace it with the easy-to-use and easy-to-read Comfort Control Center and its processor-controlled system from Dometic. This sleek unit allows you to program the climate in up to four zones in the RV. Just set it once with your day and night preferences and forget it. The unit has added features that show you the indoor and outdoor temperatures on its large blue light display, along with a real-time clock. The click-response buttons let you know for sure that it entered the command and the large internal memory makes it easy for the user to program and use. The Comfort Control Center is available in black or champagne to match any decor. For more information, visit the Dometic web site or call them direct or visit your local dealer.

Store It Right Mouse Pouch - Northern Explorer LLC

Mice and rats simply love our RVs! And not only the living area but also the wires and hose lines in the motorhome engine compartment and under the hood of the tow vehicle. Short of chaining a cat in the engine compartment and house the only effective method of getting rid of the critters has been with poison and the potential risks to children and non-target animals, such as household pets, just isn’t good. Now thanks to Northern Explorer, the Store It Right Mouse Pouch provides a humane method to get rid of mice. Store It Right Mouse Pouch is a botanical alternative to mouse traps and poison and stops the mice before they have invaded, and potentially damaged, the RV.

It is not a poison. Instead, it works by blocking the rodent’s sense of smell and since mice depend on being able to smell their hunters they won’t stay in an area where that sense doesn’t work. For use in your RV, Northern Explorer recommends you place a pouch or two in the engine area and place one pouch per 250 square foot area elsewhere (for heavily infested areas you many need to put one pouch per 8 square feet.) Each box of Store It Right contains three pouches. For information on this product or other Northern Explorer products, visit their web site or call them direct.

RV TwinTrak - IF Designs, LLC

An extended RV awning just seems to beg to have goodies hung from it! But if there is only one utility attachment track in the roller you’ll find you have to make a choice between a sunroom add-on or lights. The RV TwinTrak, from IF Designs, LLC, provides the solution to that dilemma. The TwinTrak converts a single utility track into two, allowing you to double the items that you can hang from the rollers. With TwinTrak you can hang both a sunshade and evening lights at the same time. TwinTraks are easily installed by simply slipping them in and out of your awning utility track. TwinTrak comes packaged with six 3-foot sections (18 feet total) to provide easy storage. TwinTrak can be ordered direct from the web site.

WiFi In Motion

Sure we may be able to use our computer’s WiFi system when we stop at many of the parking plazas or fuel stations on our travels, but using it while traveling down the highway just doesn’t seem to work that well. Another problem exists in many RV parks where the local WiFi network may be overloaded due to use by other campers.

With WiFi In Motion we now have the option of using a system which converts a digital cell phone signal from over 90 compatable cellular cards or cellular phones giving us our own local WiFi station right in our RV and is capable of supporting several users. The WiFi In Motion kit comes with the choice of a side mount antenna or a low profile roof mount antenna (both of which are high gain), a 3-watt signal amplifier (which expands cellular range up to 60 additional miles), a 3G router which translates the cellular signal into Wi-Fi creating a 400 to 600 foot cloud of secure Wi-Fi access, plus all the needed accessories. System install is typically 45 minutes to 1½ hours, with the use of hand tools and a power drill. Visit their web site or contact them direct for further information.
1-866-959-WIFI (9434)