Joe McAdams - CEO, Thousand TrailsFall into Fun . . .

. . . and plan ahead for autumn adventures as well as sunny winter getaways!

Fall is a spectacular time to visit our preserves. The flurry of summer activity slows down a bit and the lifestyle becomes more relaxed. Many of our preserves will soon be in a blaze of autumn glory, not to mention loaded up with activities full of fall flavor, so if you’ve got the time, visit our preserves that explode with color as the leaves change – consider a trip to our Northeast or Midwest preserves and fall into some fun.“Yurt” so lucky if you’re heading to California or Oregon as we’ve recently added some new “options” for you to enjoy while staying at a few of our preserves in these locations. New yurts have been installed at the Snowflower Preserve in northern California (and hopefully by the time you’re reading this message you can make your reservations) and we’ve also placed new yurts at our public resort, Mt. Hood Village, in Welches, Oregon,

As we head towards winter, our snowbirds are preparing to fly south and our warm weather preserves are ready and waiting. Sunny Arizona offers plenty of places to keep warm this winter – read all about two great AZ possibilities in Family News and consider TT’s Verde Valley in Cottonwood or the ELS resort, ViewPoint in Mesa. Surrounded by the breathtaking Red Rock country, Verde Valley is conveniently located to Sedona and all its offerings. Plus, word has it that Verde Valley does the holidays up right. Starting with Thanksgiving, they highlight the holidays like no one else culminating in one of the most popular New Year’s Eve celebrations in the area! A bit further south in Mesa, ViewPoint RV and Golf Resort accentuates the active lifestyle. From tennis to Tai Chi, softball to shuffleboard and plenty of rounds of golf in between, you can keep yourself busy from morning to night. ViewPoint means variety too – there are over 250 special interest clubs including gardening, jewelry making, pottery, stamping and more!

As you think about where you may want to winter, don’t forget to check in at our TT web site ( to be

Until next time, kept up to date on all the special offers for our members.

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And finally, a site to call your own is the idea behind our Annual Site Program. The program provides you access to the same site for 365 days from the day you sign up for the program (please note restrictions do apply so please refer to the annual site program details when you sign up.) No need to pack up and pull out. If you want to spend a month or so away from the site – no worries! When you return, your site will be waiting for you. For more information on the Annual Site Program, visit the TT web site.

Well, I hope the preserves were good to you this summer and provided you with memories to last a lifetime! So while the season may be changing, we promise to stay steady in our commitment to our members to provide a top quality camping experience!

Until Next Time,

Joe McAdams
President, Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc.