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Coolaroo Pet Bed

Dog beds are an ideal way to provide your pet some comfort, in the RV or outside. The original Coolaroo Pet Bed raises your pet up off the floor or the ground about eight inches, but better yet is their new Foldable Pet Bed that provides outstanding comfort and durability with a collapsible design making it easy to take your dog’s favorite pet bed anywhere they go. Simply fold the bed in half for quick and simple storage or travel. Their unique Coolaroo fabric resists fading, moisture, and odor and has a 5-year fabric warranty against UV degradation. The frame is durable powder coated steel that makes it ideal for indoor/outdoor use as well as for professional kennels.

Available in three sizes: the smallest size is 28-inches long x 21.5-inches wide x 8-inches high, perfect for your cat or a smaller dog; the medium size is 36-inches long x 25.5-inches wide x 8-inches high; and for those big puppies they have the large bed which is 43.75-inches long x 31-inches wide x 8-inches high. Desert sand or brown are the colors currently available. Visit their web site for further information.




Ever wished you had a backrest when you’re reading in your RV, house, tent or just lounging against a tree at your favorite mountain lake? The WondaWedge is an inflatable wedge-shaped pillow with an attached mat that gives you a portable backrest no matter where you are. Developed by a physiotherapist, it provides excellent back support for almost everyone. The wedge has a soft, textured finish, soft enough for indoor use and tough enough for outdoor comfort. WondaWedge is lightweight, weighing in at just more than a pound. In an RV, where storage is limited, the WondaWedge is perfect because when deflated it measures only approximately 8-inches long x 10-inches wide x 1-inch high, or about the size of a hard cover book, making it easy to stow in a small space. Because it’s inflatable the user can set his/her own comfort level– from cushy to firm, and you can inflate the pillow manually, or with a small pump. It’s ideal for reading in bed, watching television, camping, boating, fishing, stargazing, picnicking, or backpacking. Check their web site or call for more information.

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512-847-5970 ext 224

Eagle One Car Care Products

Everyone likes a clean car and RV and that’s why we wash them. Now to make things easier Eagle One has introduced two new products that take wheel care and car washing to a new level. These products continue Eagle One’s reputation for developing innovative appearance care products that provide great results, easily.

Keep Clean Wheel, developed with Eagle One’s proprietary technology, provides a protective barrier against corrosive brake dust and road grime to keep wheels clean and shiny for up to two weeks. For the ultimate wheel care, use Eagle One’s A2Z All-Wheel & Tire Cleaner to clean your wheels and tires. Follow up by spraying Keep Clean on your rims for the ultimate protection from brake dust.

A second technological advancement is Easi-Dri Car Wash. Developed with sheeting action technology, Easi-Dri saves time and effort by sheeting the water off the finish of your car without hand drying, leaving it clean and spot free. You can pay much more for this capability with other brands or you can buy Eagle One in its concentrated money-saving form. Suggested retail for Keep Clean Wheel is $6.99; Easi-Dri is $5.99. Both are available at leading auto parts retailers.


Stromberg Carlson Products Inc. Extend-A-Shower

If the shower in your RV looks only slightly larger than a standard golf bag then you need Stromberg Carlson’s Extend-A-Shower—it’s like a slide out room for your shower! Enjoy the shower you already have by adding 30% more space to it. Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your RVs shower with Extend-AShower. Extend-A-Shower creates more room in your RVs shower and, when not in use, it folds out of the way with no tools required. When folded back over the shower pan the Extend-A-Shower can also help drip-dry your towels, bathing suits or personal garments inside your RV. Model EXT-3542 fits showers 35” to 42” wide. Models to accommodate wider bath and shower stalls will be introduced in the summer of 2009. Extend-A-Showers are stocked by most distributors in the RV industry throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit their web site for dealer locations and more information.


Northern Explorer — Odor Eliminator

As RVers and campers we all try to enjoy the outdoors and keep it clean. An old problem was the black tank’s smell and how to control it without using caustic chemicals. Odor Eliminator from Northern Explorer represents the newest in patented technology for the holding tank industry that combines the best attributes of both enzyme and chemical products into one easy-to-use product. It blends the proven oxidative power of peracetic acid (a chemical used in commercial waste treatment facilities) with the safety of enzyme technology to create a product which is environmentally safe and effective with superior odor killing properties.

Odors are virtually eliminated within minutes of treatment while waste material is safely digested and sensors cleaned. Since Odor Eliminator contains no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals, it is safe for all waste dump tanks and septic systems. Odor eliminator is a granular product, thus eliminating messy liquid spills.

Odor Eliminator is available either as a loose product with an easy-scoop applicator or packaged into 2 oz. water-soluble packs that are dropped directly into toilets. It is safe and effective for both gray and black holding tanks. Northern Explorer is the exclusive distributor for Odor Eliminator. For further information on Odor Eliminator or to place an order, please visit their web site.