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PQN Enterprises/Techronics - Easy Amp and Speakers

Do you have a vehicle or RV that is really too small for the installation of a normal stereo and full sized speakers? PQN Enterprises specializes in speaker systems for Spa, outdoor and other harsh environments, like RVs. Their Special Performance Audio SPA-22 ($47.99) two-way speaker or the SPA-25 ($45.00) one-way speakers mount in wall spaces as slim as 1 1/2-inches deep - perfect for tent trailers, small campers, golf carts and other unique applications. They just released their Easy Amp MP3 player ($99.95) that mounts in walls or channels less than two-inches deep. Simply drill a hole to mount the Easy Amp, connect the two-channel speaker wires, power wires and a mini-plug for the MP3 player and you’re done. The Easy Amp mates perfectly with either the SPA-25 audio speaker or the new compact 2” 2-Way SPA-22, as well as most other speakers. The Easy Amp accepts all standard MP3 devices or portable video players for big sound throughout. Techronics is the exclusive retail distributor for this line of products so visit their web site or call them for further information.

(877) 280-2020


Progress Mfg. Inc. - New E2 Round Bar Hitch

Progress Manufacturing has been building hitches for a long while which tells us that they know how to do it right. Their new E2 hitch is no exception. Available since February the E2 hitch provides weight distribution with integrated sway control in one unit. Currently available in a trunnion style hitch, the new E2 round bar gives more integrated sway control options to RVers because its sway control is built directly into the hitch so no add-on sway control devices are necessary.

Progress offers three integrated hitch systems, each at different price points and performance levels. The Original Equal-i-zer Sway Control hitch supplies 4-Point Sway Control, the E2 trunnion and E2 round bar both provide 2-Point Sway Control. All of their hitches are made of high quality steel and carry a limited 10 year warranty Visit their web site and see which unit would be best for your application.


DIRECTV for your Home and RV

Unless delayed by the U.S. Government again, digital and high definition (HDTV) television arrives this month. All the confusion and stress of choosing how you’re going to watch TV can be a real hassle. Are you going to replace the TV in your RV with a new one? Do you need a converter box in the RV? As an RVer you have a need for quality entertainment both when you are on the road and when you are at home. The simple solution is to contact Direct Sat TV, an Authorized DIRECTV dealer, who recognizes this need by providing simple solutions in the form of packages designed to equip your RV and home with satellite television. This includes a single package for your home and RV, and best yet, the system shares one monthly fee.

The RV Kit equipment is provided free of charge to new DIRECTV customers who also order home service. Current DIRECTV customers may purchase the kit for a nominal fee. The kit consists of a travel tripod, satellite dish, receiver and cable. Setup can by completed by you without the help of professional installation. You simply mount your dish to the tripod, aim it at the southeast sky and connect the cable to your receiver, which is hooked to your television. Instant entertainment is that easy. If you prefer to have a mobile satellite system that does not require setup when you park, Direct Sat TV also offers roof mounted automatic TracVision units. The home system consists of all necessary equipment for up to three rooms. Professional, standard installation is provided for your home.

There are several DIRECTV programming packages to choose from to meet everyone’s needs. Packages start at just $29.99 per month and range in programming that offers basic satellite television to programming that offers Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service and HDTV Access to over 130 HD channels with premium movie channels, exclusive sports programming and local channels (distant network signals for your RV.) Promotional package prices are also available for new DIRECTV customers and will be offered when you place your order. Please call Direct Sat TV or visit them online.

(800) 279-8601

Hose Buddy - Sewer Hose Containment Unit

How many times have you had to use a rock or chunk of wood to hold your RVs sewer hose into the RV Park’s dump receptacle? Ever dropped a rock down the pipe? Better yet, have you ever had the hose blow loose when you pull the dump valve on the RV? Every RVer has at least one “dump” story, don’t we? The Hose Buddy can eliminate most of the SPILL problems for us. It’s designed to fit easily and securely over your discharge hose at the dump receptacle. The molded underside fits almost all hose-end fittings, keeping them fully enclosed. That, combined with the down force provided by whatever you fill your Hose Buddy with, will reduce any fitting “hop” or “jiggle” caused by the discharge pressure in the hose. It will also work with hoses from one to three inches, including those lacking a 90-degree fitting.

The Hose Buddy is made in the USA of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) with Level 8 UV inhibitors added to limit the effects of the sun. The unit can be cleaned with just soap & water. It’s easy to store in any RV and is available in several colors. Best of all, with the Hose Buddy, you’ll never experience “THE SPILL.” Suggested retail price is only $19.95 each. For more information and for ordering information contact Hose Buddy direct.

(877) 537-7100

Thetford EcoSmart Holding Tank Additives

"Green" seems to be the buzzword these days. If you ask most chemical manufacturers they will assure you that they are greener then grass, but only Thetford’s new Eco-Smart line of products have documented proof and are certified-green by the EPA and North America’s oldest, most-recognized environmental standard organization, EcoLogo. The company’s highquality line of Eco-Smart Holding Tank Deodorants for RVs have been tested and proven to not harm humans, riparian or aquatic species, not accumulate in the environment, have limited surfactants that are biodegradable and be effective and safe to use.

Eco-Smart’s formaldehyde-free formula quickly breaks down and liquefies waste and tissue to prevent messy clogs. The formula is extremely powerful and tests prove it provides 70% better odor control than other natural formulas. It also incorporates an additive that keeps tanks clean. The formula’s non-staining green dye washes clean with soap and water. Available in liquid or tossin form, they are the ultimate in convenience.

Eco-Smart is also offered in an enzyme formula. Similar to the formaldehyde-free formula, it quickly breaks down and liquefies waste and tissue. This natural, enzymatic deodorizer is extremely effective and highly concentrated. Available in a distinctive orange liquid, it won’t stain and washes clean with regular soap and water.

Both formulas are accepted at all campgrounds and are safe for black and grey water tanks. Visit their web site for further information.