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Tattle-Trail LLC: TTK 550 Wireless Towing Monitor System

Have you ever had someone pull up next to you waving their arms and pointing to your tow vehicle as you drive down the road? Maybe you’ve been lucky and you haven’t had this happen or you’ve been able to head off towing issues before they got serious. Now, thanks to Tattle- Trail’s TTK 550, you’ll be alerted to towing issues before they happen.

The TTK 550 is a new portable towing monitor system that provides the user an early warning for towing problems by sensing vibrations from your tow or towed vehicle and then alerting the driver.

This “made in the USA” product uses state-of-the-art technology and is the first in a series of products offered for the towing market. Designed to continuously measure vibration in a towed vehicle, Tattle-Trail detects excessive vibration that may arise from separating tire treads, blown tires, broken suspension components, loose hitch assembly or runaway vehicle. Any chassis vibration exceeding the user-selected “normal” threshold generates both audible and visual alarms. A voltage monitor feature alerts the user of a low battery condition in the towed vehicle and when used in “park” mode the Tattle-Trail can remotely monitor the towed vehicle for theft or intrusion.

Tattle-Trail LLC is a leader in designing and manufacturing monitoring products for the towing, trailering and RV markets. More information is available on their web site.


ADS, Inc.: LevelEase

Those of us who have 5th Wheel trailers know that leveling has always been more of an art form than a science - until now that is. LevelEase is the first automated leveling and hitch positioning system specifically designed for 5th Wheel RVs. With just the single touch of a button, LevelEase moves the 5th Wheel to the exact position for connecting and disconnecting. LevelEase remembers the exact position regardless of terrain. Simply press the “Auto Level” button and walk away - the LevelEase automatically levels the trailer from front to rear. And when you’re hitched up and ready to break camp, press the “Retract” button and the legs will automatically return to the travel position.

Mounted in any compartment, the LevelEase unit replaces the original up/down switch and requires only a one-time calibration. What’s more, LevelEase utilizes the existing landing gear motor and wiring, and requires no additional hardware, making this product as inexpensive as it is invaluable. The suggested retail price is $395.00.

ESPAR: Hydronic Heaters

Most RVers use a furnace for the house part of our motorhomes and a water heater for hot water. Wouldn’t is be great if we could use just one unit to do both?

ESPAR Products Inc. has introduced the new line of “Mobile Comfort” heaters designed for the RV industry. Their “MCS” models are based on their redesigned hydronic heaters and are capable of meeting every level of demand with multiple BTU offerings. They provide space and domestic water heating and are configured for all RV models and types.

Typical of this new line is the MCS16. This is an all-inclusive system based on their powerful Hydronic 16. All components are fitted into one box for installation convenience and space savings. It is capable of providing continuous hot water and coach heating at the same time.

A listing of its standard features includes a 5 zone control board so you can control the heating level in different areas of the coach. It can be powered with AC electric, provide on-demand hot water, automatically switch between AC, diesel or with the optional Engine Coolant Interface w/ pre-heat timer, from the engine cooling system. ESPAR also offers forced air heaters. Visit their web site for pricing and further information.

Northern Explorer: Fly Killer

Summer time is here and that brings flies into our roving homes. The normal thing we do is dig out the swatter and go after them, but that is a pain in the neck and messy. Northern Explorer has a green solution for eliminating those pesky bugs. Northern Explorer now offers Window Fly Killer, a solution that delivers the same effectiveness of chemical sprays without the potential for harm. The unique design is patented and EPA approved, which means it has a minimal effect on the environment. The product comes in the form of a decorative sticker; is odorless and has a chemically treated bait on the surface that attracts flies through a food and pheromone attractant, eliminating any potential for the chemical to drift onto food or areas where children and pets could be exposed. Users are to place the decorative sticker on the inside upper corner of an RV window, where flies tend to congregate. Flies will eat the bait and die immediately. Studies show that this safe and economical product will eliminate at least 95% of flies in a room within 6 hours, and should be replaced every 6 months for maximum effectiveness. For more information contact Northern Explorer or visit their web site.

Magellan: RoadMate

Need some help in finding your way? Whether you’re driving the roads or hiking the trails, Magellan has a GPS to help you navigate your travels. The company’s newest vehicle-mounted units in the RoadMate line are the 1340 and the 1470. The Magellan RoadMate 1340 has everything you need in a premium GPS device. Loaded with features, including spoken street names, multi-destination routing, and pre-loaded North America map, the RoadMate 1340 is redefining portable auto navigation. The 1340 features a portable 3.5-inch color touch screen, displays a AAA Roadside Assistance menu for location and safety information and permits multi-destination routing. It also includes maps of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The larger Magellan RoadMate 1470 features ultra-wide 4.7-inch touch screen display and has everything you need in a premium GPS device.

The system is loaded with features such as spoken street names, multidestination routing and is preloaded with North America maps. The RoadMate 1470 gives you confidence every step of the way.

Both systems feature the exclusive Magellan OneTouch personalized search icons that let you easily bookmark favorite destinations so you can access them anywhere you travel. Find your favorite café or restaurant in any city with a single touch. The RoadMate 1340 and the RoadMate 1470 deliver your favorites at your fingertips.