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Doran 360RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Recent studies indicate that 90% of tire failures are caused by low tire inflation. Tires that were properly inflated just hours ago may be problematic due to changes in weather alone. This can lead to poor handling and braking, uneven tire wear, premature tire wear, blowouts and expensive breakdowns. The Doran 360RV eliminates these concerns by consistently checking tire pressure automatically while providing drivers with peace of mind.

The Doran 360RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System provides drivers with “at- a-glance” status updates with a new patent-pending Green Means GOOD indicator. With this unique system, the driver is alerted through multiple alarms (audible, location, pressure, and warning symbol) so that low tire pressure problems can be addressed and costly breakdowns and repairs averted.

The 360RV is quick to install, typically in about an hour, requiring no special tools, and leaving no external antennas or exposed wires. Its goldplated heavy-duty trucktested sensors deliver the longest life and corrosion resistance on the market. Sensor batteries last 20% longer than competitive models. Multiple mounting options, including an adjustable pedestal and a visor clip/hook and loop fastener bracket, allows the LCD screen to be mounted virtually anywhere. All products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit the Doran website for more information and pricing on this and other Doran products at www.doranmfg.com or call 866-816-7233 (SAFE).


Hensley Mfg. - Hensley Cub Hitch

Introducing the Hensley Cub Hitch, Hensley Mfg. Inc.’s newest travel trailer hitch since introducing the Hensley Arrow, the industry’s first antisway hitch, 15 years ago.

The Hensley Cub is a scaled-down version of the Hensley Arrow, considered the only hitch that truly eliminates trailer sway. The Cub works on the same principle as the Arrow, using the geometry of its linkage system to prevent trailer sway while allowing the tow vehicle full control over the trailer. Unlike other trailer hitches on the market, Hensley uses no friction to control sway and backs up that claim with a 60-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

While the Arrow is a “one size fits all” design, the folks at Hensley took some weight out of the new Cub design to fit the trend toward smaller, lighter trailers. The Cub is rated for trailers weighing between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds (12 to 24 feet.)

Of course safety is still the primary concern of Hensley Mfg. so while the Cub may be a new product, the engineering concepts are identical to the Arrow. After 15 years and thousands of Arrows on the road, Hensley has a proven design that is sure to provide an unmatched level of safety for many years to come.

Call 1-800-410-6580 or visit www.NoSway.com.

Contoure Alcohol Heater/Stove

When a heater or stove fails, life on a boat, RV or anywhere else can get mighty uncomfortable. The HeatMate 5200 Portable Non-Pressurized Alcohol Heater/Stove from Contoure International Inc. provides a safe source of heat that doubles as a stove. Now instead of firing up the furnace you can just light this unit that produces 5,200 BTU of heat. Remove the lid from this compact and efficient heater and the HeatMate transforms into a cook top that is capable of boiling a quart of water in just nine minutes.

The HeatMate’s non-pressurized canister system contains a non-flammable wick material that absorbs approximately 1-1/4 quarts of environmentally-friendly alcohol fuel. Even if turned completely upside down, HeatMate’s unique design prevents fuel from leaking making it much safer to use inside an RV than open flame propane heaters!

HeatMate is constructed of durable aluminum and is very compact at just 11-3/4” H x 11-1/2” W. With a handy carrying strap, the heater/stove weighs 5 lbs. 3 oz. The suggested retail price of the Heat- Mate 5200 Portable Non-Pressured Alcohol Heater/Stove is $169.95. For more information vist Contoure’s web site at www.contoure.com or call 888-551-1041.

Sunrise Portable Deck

Sitting out on the deck is something that we, as RVers, don’t get to enjoy much while on the road. That won’t be an issue any more thanks to Sunrise Products, Inc. portable decks and porches designed especially for RV owners. These decks offer the stability and comfort that you need to keep you safe when going in and out of your trailer or motorhome.

The decking is made from your choice of oak, finished with three coats of polyurethane, or the new Azek (pvc composite) alternative wood (available in Slate Grey or Brownstone for an additional charge.) The deck steps are designed to allow a comfortable climb or descent. For example, the Kingston-18 series adjusts to a maximum height of 32 inches and offers steps with only a 6-1/4 inch rise. The removable handrail offers additional support and the “Center” models allow for two handrails if needed. All models of the deck will support up to 600 pounds of weight. The powder coated frame and telescoping legs allow for the deck to be set up level even when on uneven ground while the steps also adjust in accordance to the deck height.

With several different styles and configurations to choose from, you can find one to fit your needs. These decks make a great addition to your camping experience and are easy to set up or take down when on the move. Sunrise Decks start at $859, plus shipping. Decks are made entirely in the USA and ship, via UPS, to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Call 866-225-8873 (US) or visit www.sunrisedecks.com.

GML Enterprises – Light-Mate Bar

Do you have a tow vehicle or motorhome with a 7-way plug on it and need to tow a car, trailer or some other vehicle that doesn’t have trailer lights on it? The Light- Mate Bar from GML Enterprises may be what you’re looking for. The 22- inch long LED brake and turn signal light bar attaches to the vehicle being towed with simple industrial twist-lock suction cups that can be adjusted to any angle. The light bar has an internal battery that can power it for up to 20 hours before needing a recharge. The unit is sealed from water and dirt and brighter than a standard incandescent light unit. The remote control unit simply plugs into the 7-way trailer light/brake plug. Now you’re ready to safely tow that unlighted vehicle. Visit the web site at jlatvproducts.com or contact GML staff for further information at 800- 233-2637.