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Transfer Flow

Being able to travel longer distances is important to all RVers, but that large fuel tank in the back of the tow vehicle takes a lot of usable space. Thanks to Transfer Flow Inc. you can now get two useful accessories for the price of one and in the space of a single fuel tank by using Transfer Flow’s new 30-gallon Fuel Tank and Tool Box Combo for late model Ford and GM gas pick-ups.

Made from 14-gauge, black powder coated aluminized steel and baffled on all four sides, this innovative new product incorporates a toolbox with over 5-1/2 cubic feet of storage space. Plus, the fuel filler neck is located inside the storage compartment so both tools and fuel can be secured with the turn of a key.

Designed to fit 2005- 2008 Ford F250/350 and 2004-2008 GM 2500/3500 gas pick-ups, the 30-gallon tank operates via Transfer Flow’s unique EXPRESS-UFS operating system, which transfers fuel to the OEM fuel tank automatically. The 30-Gallon Fuel Tank and Tool Box Combo works with most fifth wheel hitches and comes pre-assembled with fuel lines, wire harness, mounting hardware, fuel pump and computer module. Contact Transfer Flow for applications and pricing.
(800) 442 0056 www.transferflow.com


Aqua-Hot Heating Systems Inc.

Aqua-Hot Heating Systems Inc. is excited to release two revolutionary new propane-powered hydronic heating systems. The first system, the Aqua-Hot 375LP is designed for Class A, Class C and high-end towables and incorporates Aqua-Hot’s own proprietary propane burner technology producing more than 37,500 BTUs. The unit offers three separate thermostatically controlled zones to provide quiet, comfortable, even cabin heat and 1.5 gallons per minute of continuous, on-demand hot water produces ninety gallons per hour with no recovery time. Owners of gas-powered motorhomes and towables can enjoy the same hydronic comfort as owners of Class A diesel motorhomes.

Little-Hot is the second new heating system offered by Aqua-Hot. The Little- Hot’s compact design produces big heat (over 30,000BTUs.) Two separate circulation zones provide the flexibility of one interior heating zone and one engine-preheating zone, or two interior heating zones and no engine-preheating zone. Separate thermostatically controlled heating zones provide quiet, comfortable, even cabin heat. Additionally, 1.5 gallons per minute of continuous, on-demand hot water produces ninety gallons per hour with no recovery time.

Little-Hot’s LowE3 technology is low emission, low energy and low electricity and uses the proprietary burner, flame tube and heat exchanger design to reduce CO emissions 75%, smoke and particulates by 90%, fuel use by 32%, and electrical operating DC amps by 28%. The compact size provides the same comfortable heat and continuous hot water for small Class A diesel and Class C diesel motorhomes previously available only in large Class A motor homes. For additional information on Aqua- Hot Heating System’s new hydronic systems visit their website.

LiftMe Handicap Chairlift

Auckerman Manufacturing, L.L.C. recently unveiled their LiftMe portable wheelchair lift. Considered the first of its kind in the industry this revolutionary product is designed to assist disabled persons with entering and exiting RV’s and campers. Unlike permanent mounted units, the LiftMe can be used on any existing RV or camper without any custom installation work. The universal design enables the LiftMe to be used on different vehicles giving the owner flexibility to purchase a new camper or RV without costly dismantling or installation charges.

The powder coated aluminum structure is lightweight and durable. The total system consists of only 11 components and weighs 70 pounds assembled. All parts, including the largest piece, a 36x40 inch aluminum base, can be easily stored inside the RV or camper during transport.

The LiftMe is available in either electric or manual versions and can be customized to the individual needs of the user. Base model units sell for as low as $1,795.00. Contact Auckerman Manufacturing L.L.C. for more details or to place an order.
814-754-5400 or 877-543-8630

Smart Light

The Smart Light is an automatic porch or scare light designed by RVers for RVers. It is controlled by a microprocessor that contains hundreds of lines of programming that provide The Smart Light with its intelligence. Designed for 12-volt applications, the Smart Light’s low two-inch profile allows it to be mounted on any side of the vehicle. A product highlight is that the Smart Light is reverse polarity protected which means that even if you install it wrong you won’t damage it.

The Smart Light can function as a normal entryway light but what makes it better is that its functions expand to include motion detection,battery low detection, and daylight automatic shut-off. To enter the motion detection mode, the light switch is turned on, then off, then on again within 15 seconds. This action signals the microprocessor to start working. If the light is turned off for more then 15 seconds, it reverts to the normal light function mode.

The motion detection alert function, when enabled, will turn the main lighting fixture on any time motion is detected within range of the sensors. The motion detection function can be turned on or off using the light power switch.

Switching the inside switch to the on position will power up the SL1000 in manual mode. The fixture can be switched, while in manual mode, to auto-sensing mode by simply switching the inside switch off and then on again. The fixture can be returned again to manual mode by switching the inside switch off and then on again. Priced at $99.99 plus S/H. Visit the manufacturer’s website for information.